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iScanner is a helpful scanner application that will transform your iPhone or iPad into an effective portable scanner. Effectively scan, save and share any document in PDF or JPEG.




Now the scanning has become just a matter of few clicks with iScanner, which turns your iPhone or iPad into a fully-featured scanner with amazing options you can aim for having in your phone to avail the smooth scanning facility. The scanning has become very handy and easy with iScanner, as it is widely used by a number of trusted users of reaching over 10 million around the globe. Now you can take the scanner with you everywhere, and can instant save the hardcopies into the digitalized form within no time, and also as per your requirement.  It is like converting your phone into a portable scanner.


iScanner has come up with many advanced and innovative features which are just perfect and very helpful. Let us take a review of each of its feature to explore more about iScanner.

Document Types

You can scan any sort of document you want. Whether it could be a textbook, notebook, receipt, image, business cards, schedule chart, or anything! You can get it scanned via iScanner. All your files can be saved as JPEG or PDF format. Now you can save the respective document as per its file type. Now all your paperwork has narrowed down and saved on your device, and available to you within few slides.

Multi-Page Scanning option

Multi-page scanning option is available in iScanner, through which you can save the scanned documented as a multi-page JPEG or PDG file. Using this option can bring up your chunks of data into a single file.

Image Processing

The built-in advanced image processing tools let you enhance the image by making color adjustments, shadow and noise reduction, using emphasizing tools, perspective adjustments and vision settings and much more. The smart algorithms have been integrated into the app to provide you with the best automatic adjustments as well.

Document Editing

Once your document has been scanned, you can edit them as you like. You can cut, copy, or paste the pages, and can also add the signature into the scanned images to make it proprietary. Your image can be auto-detected, edited and then saved.

And yeah, one of the nicest feature; you can convert your scanned or even imported image into the text with the help of Optical Character Recognition- OCR technique.

Documents,Security & Protection

iScanner offers you with the security feature so that you can lock your files or folders with a password or touch ID so that the files are only accessible to you and hence your files will be prevented from misuse.

Here is the example how your documents are preserved by placing a security check over them.

Documents Manager

Manage your files and folders with the help of advanced file manager. The file manager helps you to organize your files and folders, drag and drop them, sort them using date and name; you can find file editing option there and much more.

Different view modes are also available i.e. you can view the file(s) and folder(s) in table or collection view modes. Moreover, file manager also helps you to protect any of your selected document by putting restriction and prevention from unauthorized access by setting a password (a security check) on your precious documents.

Sharing Option

What is the point of scanning a document without the need of sharing it? Like, it is okay to have scanned copies with you for your own record, but you can do much more than that!

iScanner will take you beyond just scanning your document and storing it in your cell, it offers flexible sharing options as well. You can email your scanned document as per your desired format (PDF or JEPG), upload them to the cloud services such as DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, Yandex Disk.

Another way to share the document is to transfer the scanned document to your personal computer via data cable or using Wi-Fi; so that multiple ways of sharing the file will be available to you with the help of iScanner. As we were saying from the beginning, iScanner makes the sharing easy and trouble-free instantly!

Sharing also includes importing any PDF or image file from the other apps as well.

Other Special Features

Synching Option

iScanner makes synchronization easy as well, as the scanned document is shared on different devices and also on cloud services, which ensures that the files are synced and updated all the time.

Advanced Options

With the smart options and techniques used for scanning the documents, iScanner has come up with the advanced feature of automatic shutter and automatic border detection as well, so that the scan will turn out perfect and you do not face any difficulty during the scan. Like, if you are scanning a page from your textbook or notebook, it will automatically detect the border, so that none of your text or lines will be missed.

Printing Option

Now you can print your document alongside with scanning, you can take out a print in just one tap. When you get your document scanned, multiple options will be available to you; one of them is the print one, and it can be taken via any AirPrint.

Bottom Line

As we have seen so far, iScanner is much more than just an ordinary scanner. The built-in advanced features let you transform the images and scanned documents to be molded in your desired outcome. Image processing and color adjustments techniques have made the job much easier for you. Now the compilation of your notes, records and proofs of you receipt, collection of your drawings/ designs can easily be saved digitally in your device using this wonderful app. Users around the world are really pleased with the services offered by iScanner and is continuous improving to give advanced support and eliminating and fixing small bugs (if any, but we haven’t encountered with any single of them so far).


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 3.4
Version iOS 9.0 Or Later
Size 97.6 MB
Genre Business & Finance

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