Top Basketball Games for iOS 2018

August 1, 2017 ( Miscellaneous )
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Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Lebron James. You don’t have to be the greatest to shoot some hoops and take your team to glory. You can simply flip open a basketball game on your iPhone and iPad, and relive their dream, or create your own.

We’ve shortlisted a variety of games from classic NBA style professional basketball to arcade NBA jam fun. So, start scrolling and choose the best basketball game for iOS and start shooting hoops!

1.) NBA 2K17 ($2.99)

The classic NBA game which is now even better on the iPhone. You can start your NBA career and rise all the way to the top. Manage your attributes and choose your equipment. You can also compete in different leagues against multiple teams. The gameplay has been improved and gives you much greater control over your game. If you’re bored then take a trip to the classic era with new historic players. So, start your journey and become an All-star.

2.) NBA JAM by EA SPORTS™ ($4.99)

SLAM DUNK. The arcade NBA is back with a bang. Better than ever before, the new NBA jam features 30 teams with all the top players. Earn coins and use them to unlock the legends of the jam. You can choose from 3 different modes to play. Jump into a quick match or plan your way in the classic campaign and fight your way to win the championship. You can also take out a moment to boast your skills against your friend in a 2v2 multiplayer mode. So, tie your laces and get ready for the BOOMSHAKALAKA.

3.) Basketball Dynasty Manager 16 ($1.99)

Ever felt like managing a basketball team? Basketball Dynast Manager gives you that opportunity. Build a team from scratch and push them to win the grand championship. Different customization options for players and their attributes. This game gives you a complete experience of managing a team from scouting players to training them and trading them for other players. You can also spend on your facility and management to improve your team and player performance. Start now and live the dream.

4.) Dude Perfect ($0.99)

If you know them then you should definitely get this game. The crazy YouTube guys are here with their game. So now it’s time for you to show what you’ve learnt from them. Multiple levels with varying difficulty, this game will get you gripped to your device in no time. If you’re feeling creative then go on and create your own dream level with the custom level editor option. To enhance your experience, you can challenge any player across the world and compete for bragging rights.

6.) Head Basketball (Free)

This game lets you have independence because it’s head to head. You face your opponent one on one and you alone are responsible for the result. With various amazing characters who have different special abilities, this game is full of fun. As you go on winning you can customize your character’s appearance in every way, or you can build up your own character and upgrade its abilities to make it a master. So go out and challenge your friends to the ultimate heads up battle.

5.) Stickman Basketball 2017 (Free)

Basketball has never been so much fun. Stickman Basketball has superb animated graphics with a wonderful gameplay. You get to choose from over 100 teams and participate in multiple leagues, tournaments and events. The game also features street basketball arenas. The special thing about the game is that either you can choose to play and have complete control over your movement, or you can concentrate and time your passes well with automatic movement. The versatility in the game modes is immense. The multiple modes and action-packed gameplay will get you addicted to the game in no time.

7.) Real Basketball (Free)

One of the top first-person basketball games on the store. Real basketball gives you a very different feel because of the first-person angle and makes the game much more enjoying. A list of wonderful different characters and courts. Numerous customization options available. You can put your skills to test in 6 different game modes and also go online against your friends. Do keep checking the scoreboard so that you never lack behind and always end up at the top.

8.) iBasket (Free)

Are you a pro at scoring three pointers? Then you will surely love this game. You will be given 90 seconds to show what you’ve got and score as many baskets as possible. Scoring consecutive baskets will multiply your score and 3 pointers are always a bonus. Place your shots with perfect precision and control and gain maximum points. Challenge your friends and players online and climb up on the leaderboard as you learn new skills and tricks.

9.)Basketball Showdown (Free)

This game is pure eye candy for the players. High quality realistic graphics and intense gameplay will definitely be a treat for you. Join the community of millions of players and beat them down to earn rewards. Attain experience points from your opponents and enhance your popularity to become a king. Go on to win competitions and online tournaments. Use your earnings to unlock a variety of things from basketballs to player upgrades. So, keep winning and keep getting better. Start now because you have a long way to go.

10.)Gasketball (Free)

A game full of challenges and puzzles. Gasketball has different levels in which the player has to perform the shots and score baskets in a particular manner. The challenges get difficult as you clear the levels. The challenges vary from long shots to various trick shots. In the multiplayer mode, you can challenge your friends and players around the world. Get ready to face the biggest basketball challenges of your life.

I hope you found the list useful because we carefully picked the most amazing of games and all of these are very engaging and addictive. Make sure you try all of them and choose the one that is according to your taste and style of game.

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