iOSAppers is one-stop shop for all the iOS fans. The platform equips the iOS users with all the details and information about the operating system and guides them through with complete knowledge of the latest games and apps. Looking for detailed reviews regarding a specific game or app but could not find over the web? Stop fretting around. iOSAppers vision is unique, we review games based on their characters, gameplay, graphics and sound effects, level and difficulty in a way that you won’t find anywhere else. Our App reviewing is not just amazing but original. We have a dedicated and hardworking team that comes up with innovative ideas to bring the best possible format for every app based on the category it falls under.

On this platform, you will also find reviews about all the latest iOS versions along with their features, setbacks, and improvements.

Our Rating Criteria

Our rating criteria is not simple or complex but unbiased specifically. We do detail research regarding various apps and games then rate them according to their performance. CAUTION! No, favors here. Unlike other webs that usually rate out of five stars only. We believe that this method often fails to do justice with app and games. Therefore, we rate out of ten stars. Yes! You heard it right, the ten stars rating make it easier for our readers to create expectations accordingly.

We provide readers with all sort of freedom as they can also rate games and apps according to their will and experience. And we value your feedback.

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Finding hurdles in understating certain features of your iPad, iPod, iPhone or iWatch? Not to fret anymore as we bring to you the easiest, detailed and step by step vast pool of informative guides. iOSAppers has got you covered. Our pool of guide has no end as we have worked hard and are still working towards filling all the voids.

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