About iOS Appers

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What is iOS Appers?

iOS Appers is the best place to find iOS apps on the Web. With our authoritative, ‘Made for iOS’ team, our aim is to help YOU get the most out of your iDevices. In order to achieve our objective, we sift through millions of apps, accessories, gadgets, movies, music, TV shows, and books to indicate which ones are worth your attention.

About iOS Appers


Love is blind, but when we opened our eyes we found Apple. With a team that loves everything about the world’s most exciting tech company, we share our love by spreading knowledge about Apple and its products, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, and anything they may invent in the future or might have created in the past. Yes, we love Newton too!

With a dedicated hardware testing lab, iOS Appers strives to deliver the best how-tos, tutorials, and guides.


The App Store welcomes hundreds of new apps and games every day. Picking the best one can become a tedious job? This is why our team of app testers spend their days and nights sailing through the sea of newness to bring experience-based app recommendations.

With in-depth app reviews and solution-based curated lists, iOS Appers has become a trusted discovery platform for iOS apps.


Every day, we ask ourselves: How can we make your digital lives better? How can we make your lives more productive and more fun at the same time? Everything we do at iOS Appers is mapped on real-life problems. By thinking like our audience, we make real breakthroughs for both the brand and the business.

With each passing day, we aim to be our best for you to love us back.