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No matter how much money you dish out on the latest and biggest iPhone, you will run out of juice eventually. There is time when you will need your phone to last longer, but will not have access to a wall charger. In fact, a battery pack may also be an inconvenience, especially for those [...]

No matter how much money you dish out on the latest and biggest iPhone, you will run out of juice eventually. There is time when you will need your phone to last longer, but will not have access to a wall charger. In fact, a battery pack may also be an inconvenience, especially for those that travel a lot. Fortunately, this problem can be dealt with for good by invest in a battery case.
If you own an iPhone 8 and are a power-hungry user, then the following reliable battery cases will do wonders for you in the long run.

ZVOLTZ 3100mAh – Price: $32.99

It is important to note that the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh does not work with lightning headphones, which is why using Bluetooth earphones is advised with said battery case. Despite this drawback, the battery case will ensure your phone has more than 100% battery life. It also has additional features like a built-in LED battery indicator, and also makes it possible to charge and sync while the case is on. It also houses conveniently placed cutouts for all available ports and buttons.


Trianium Atomic Pro – Price: $35.99

With the Trianium Atomic Pro’s powerful battery, you get no less than an additional 14 hours talk time or at least 10 hours web browsing time. What is truly amazing about this battery case is the fact that it has a hard-shell backplate with a 360-degree bumper design that is quite comprehensive to say the least. If that is not enough, you do not have to take the case off to sync it to you computer either.


Alpatronix BX190 – Price: $43.95

The Alpatronix BX190 is able to provide an additional 120% charge, thus ensuring your iPhone 8 keeps running throughout the day, without it dying on you when you need it the most. What sets it apart from the rest of the crowd is its Qi wireless charging functionality; to charge your iPhone 8 and the case simultaneously.

The battery case has been approved by Apple and will work effortlessly with your iPhone 8 and all its features. The design includes a raised bezel with the inclusion of a tempered glass screen protector for maximum protection.


Alpatronix BX170 Plus – Price: $32.95

The Alpatronix BX170 Plus manages to offer an additional 150% charge, which is a lot more than the BX190. However, it lacks the Qi wireless charging functionality that the BX190 has to offer.

Just like the BX190, the BX170 Plus has been approved by Apple. The battery case has dual layer and scratch guard protection. The compact design ensures your iPhone 8 does not look or feel bulky, and its raised front bumper prevents the phone from coming into contact with other surfaces.

As for the casing itself, it easy to install and does not need to be removed while syncing your iPhone 8 to your computer.


Capshi 7200mAh – Price: $29.99

With the Capshi 7200mAh you can double your iPhone 8’s battery life. This translates to an additional 48 hours talk time, 24 hours web browsing, 36 hours of watching videos, 6 hours of gaming or 68 hours of music playback.

Taking a closer look at the case, you will come to realize it is designed to protect your iPhone 8 through and through. The case is designed with PC+ TPU components and even manages to offer edge-to-edge protection, preventing your phone from getting fingerprints, scratches, and smudges.


UNU DX – Price: $49.99

With the UNU DX you can expect 100%+ battery life i.e. 10 hours of web browsing or 14 hours of talk time. The case does not necessarily have to be taken off in order to sync your phone with your PC, and it houses micro USB input to lightning 8-pin output to enjoy a savings of $100 which would have been spent on purchasing multiple cables.

The UNU DX has a simple yet elegant design with a hard shell black plate and a 2-piece sliding design. It will protect your phone daily wear and tear while being convenient enough to fit well in your hands.


Maxboost Atomic Power – Price: $30.99

The Maxboost Atomic Power provides an additional 110% battery life, equaling to 14 hours of web browsing and 18 hours of talk time. The battery case is not compatible with the lightning connector, Apple ear pods or 3.5mm headphones though.

Just like the other battery cases on the list, the Maxboost Atomic power too, allows you to sync your phone to your computer without having to take it off. The case is durable, with it being crafted from materials that prevent scratches, fingerprints, and smudges of any kind.


VPROOF 7200mAh – Price: $26.99

If you manage to get your hands on the VPROOF 7200mAh, you can expect a staggering 170%+ battery life. It has a 4-level LED power indicator and even has a dedicated power switch to shut off/on the battery case as per your requirements.

You can easily sync your iPhone to your Mac or any PC without having to remove the case. The case itself has a built-in magnet metal, making it possible for you to keep it in one place while you drive. But then again, you will need to dish out a bit more for its car mount, to benefit from this feature.


i-Blason 3000mAh – Price: $29.99

The i-Balson 3000mAh is compatible with the iPhone 8 and gives your phone the juice it needs to last more than a day. It supports simultaneous data sync and charging, all the while being fully compatible with all future iOS updates.


Proker Ultra Slim – Price: $32.99

The slim design and protective design of the Proker Ultra Slim will definitely catch your attention. With its well-rounded design, you will be pleased to know your iPhone 8 gets all the power it needs without losing its feel and style, which cannot be said about the various other battery cases out there.


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