Apollo: Immersive illumination


While Apple was not the first one to introduce a dual-camera setup, the company delivered a top-notch photographic results when it included one in iPhone 7 Plus.

And, the innovation never stopped!

Then, iOS 10.1 brought Portrait Mode and the iPhone X came with Portrait Lighting which can also be found on iPhone 8.

These advancements paved the way for specialized apps that can improve photo quality by using depth data provided by the dual cameras.

Apollo: Immersive illumination is one such app. Created by Indice Ltd, this app adds new light sources to any portrait photo taken by iPhone X, 8 Plus, or 7 Plus. It uses the depth data from Portrait mode to mimic photorealistic lighting scenarios.


It uses the depth data from Portrait mode to mimic photorealistic lighting scenarios.


Unless your photo does not have hard shadows or strong highlights, this app will be able to provide great artificial lighting to make it look all real. The one amazing thing about this app that it provides the ability of adding up to 20 light sources. Whenever you add a light source, the app checks for 4 different factors, namely the estimated position in 3D space, light intensity, light spread, and color.

Here is a demo video that shows the app’s functionality:

As you have seen, the app has an easy-to-use interface which may not require a lot of learning. However, the app also provides helpful tips about its usage.

So, what’s the secret behind this modern magic? Well, Apollo uses a proprietary graphics card processing algorithm to calibrate and digitize the aspects of real time lighting scenario. This is why you get high-quality photo finish without a lot of effort.


When you will start the app, you’ll see a photo picker with all the photos you have in taken in Portrait mode.

This app can only work on iPhone X, 8 Plus, or 7 Plus. Anything apart from these devices is not compatible with Apollo.

After selecting your photo, a light source is placed in the scene that can be moved anywhere. You can adjust the shadows, the intensity, and the color of your light source. The app can handle up to 20 light sources.

Since the app is exploiting the depth data produced by iPhone’s dual camera system, you can get real-time high-quality results within seconds.

While using the app is not a tough task, you would require a bit of practice to get your desired results.


For $1.99, this app is a steal. Apollo: Immersive illumination fixes the issue of poorly-lit photos efficiently. Due to its simple interface and swift graphic processing algorithm, this app is a must-app for iPhone X users.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 1.0.4
Version Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Size 9.59 MB
Developer Indice Ltd
Genre Photo and Video

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