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So, are you a podcaster or do you aspire to be one? But, you hate spending most of your time on recording and editing your content. Then don’t worry because Bumpers has made podcasting completely hassle-free. You can now record, edit and listen to podcasts with your smartphone. Yes! It is now possible with the smart device that is in your pocket.  

The Co-founders Ian Ownbey and Jacob Thornton has specially designed this app to provide ease to podcasters and to encourage new podcasters to start podcasting. Ownbey and Thornton stated, “We once planned to start podcasting and we gave up. Why? Not because we did not have good content, but because we got tired of the lengthy process of recording and editing our podcast. This is when we thought about developing an app to simplify podcasting for others”.  

The co-founders spent an entire year in developing Bumpers. This is the reason why this app is well designed and well thought out. This app has completely eliminated the requirement of pro tools and engineering background. Now anyone can record, edit and share their content without any hassle. Bumpers has provided ultimate convenience to its users, making podcasting an enjoyable and easy task for everyone.

Bumpers Record Edit listen iOS App Features

The main reason behind the popularity of this app is its amazing features that have taken podcasting to a level of convenience, where anyone can easily develop podcasts and share it. Some of its features include:

  • You can record high-quality audio with this app
  • Edit your recording within a short time period
  • Produce your podcast using Bumpers free sound library
  • Conveniently group your episodes into a series
  • Easily publish your podcasts (or your podcast series) on iTunes or anywhere podcasts are found
  • You can edit and publish your podcasts whenever you want by saving them as drafts
  • Bumper also provides you the option to Blend multiple recordings into one episode
  • The podcasts can also be shared on social platforms with a single click only
  • The Bumpers player can be embedded anywhere
  • You can also follow other podcasters
  • Bumpers offers you an access to other creators’ work, so you can listen to pop culture, sports, and other content
  • Easily track your listens and subscribers
  • You can also answer weekly prompts

These are just a few of Bumpers features. Apart from the mentioned features, Bumpers offers a range other features that make podcasting an enjoyable experience.

How to Start

Getting started with Bumpers simply begins with simply downloading the app on your phone. Then you have to create an account and from that account, you can start podcasting. You can also listen to others’ podcasts and also subscribe to other channels. The main objective of the co-founders is to make podcasting easy, and this app completely fulfills that purpose. I also gave this app a try, and I was actually surprised to know that Bumpers actually makes podcasting super easy; and because of this, the podcasting experience becomes a true pleasure.

App's Popularity

Several popular podcasters have shared their Bumpers experience and have highly recommended this app. Some of the podcasters have admitted that they have now started using Bumpers more often because they can now conveniently publish their content within a short time period, and share it on both iTunes and social platforms without spending an entire day editing their podcast. Even though Bumpers is becoming popular wide a decent pace, but there is no doubt in the fact this app has still not received enough response as it deserves. I guess that it will take some time for the app to get experienced podcasters and new talents’ attention. Bumpers has great potential, but it is unfortunately underestimated right now.  


The winning proposition of this app is that it is very easy and simple to use. You do not have to be a professional podcaster to be able to use this app neither do you need any professional help to get you started. You can simply download Bumpers and get started right away. Some people have misconceptions that Bumpers is making false promises because recording, editing and sharing podcasts can never be as simple as it is being advertised by Bumpers. So, I would highly recommend you not to pay heed to such misconceptions and give this app a try yourself. I was also a bit concerned, but once I tried this app I came to know that Bumpers promises are not false. Once you will use this app you will also accept the fact that this app is actually very easy to use and it helps you in efficiently developing and managing your podcasts.

Bottom Line

Podcasting is not today’s thing but podcasting has been here since ages, though podcasting has become easier than before because there are several tools available that can help you in developing better content. However, not everyone can use those tools, hence you still have to depend on professionals to edit your podcasts for you or you have to go those a lengthy process in order to learn how to edit the podcasts. Due to all of this inconvenience most of the young talent gets demotivated and as a result, we miss out on a lot of good content.

Bumpers has made podcasting convenient and easily possible for everyone. This is a great initiative by the co-founders of Bumpers, Ian Ownbey and Jacob Thornton; because now new podcasters will be encouraged to start their own channels. As a result, we can now expect good content and an increase in interest towards podcasting.  

So, if you have good content, and you want to start your own podcasting channel. You can now start with Bumpers. And even if you simply want to enjoy other creators’ podcasts, Bumpers is also the perfect app for listening to your favorite podcasts and subscribing to your favorite podcasters’ channels.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 1.6.23
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Size 82.6 MB
Developer Bumpers Media, Inc.
Genre Entertainment

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