I think CamScanner pdf document scanner and ocr review is a pretty well-known app especially among people who are always on the go with their work and documents and share ideas with their colleagues and friends. And if anyone of you don’t know what I am talking about then I will give you guys a brief review here in the intro and then I will talk about it in detail as we go further into the article. CamScanner is a document sharing and scanning app.

CamScanner iOS App Features:

CamScanner has been rated the best app for the year 2014, it was also included in the top 50 list of best iPhone apps for 2013. It has various things all put together into one app so that you don’t have to switch apps for various document and scanning related works.

The features which are available in this app have been discussed below. Take a look to know further about them.


Document Types:

You can easily share your work in PDF and JPEG format files. Convert a document into PDF and JPEG images and email them easily to your friends and colleagues. You can, not only share these files via email but also through social media and various cloud or even sharing the doc link. You can also edit and process OCR result and export it as .txt file.

Multi-Page Scanning Option:

CamScanner gives you the freedom to scan multiple pages at once. You can easily scan a multiple page document now by using this app. You can now even batch scan your documents through CamScanner.

Image Processing:

With CamScanner you can now even scan photos and convert them into a PDF. CamScanner auto crops your scanned photos, enhance the scan results through its smart-enhance feature. All you have to do is take a photo and with its state of the art technology and features CamScanner will take care of the rest.


Document Editing:

CamScanner gives you an easy way into document editing. You all now know that you can easily scan your documents and convert them into PDF and JPEG files. But with its new OCR (optical character recognition) feature, you now have the ease to extract text from images so that you can edit and process it further. OCR produces enhances the text and produce clear and sharp graphics. With OCR you also can search your documents quit easily. You can also make annotations, add watermarks customized by you into documents. You can add tags to your documents so that it becomes easier for you to search for them through those tags. You can even copy and paste documents to other locations. Merging documents has also become a piece of cake because of CamScanner.


Protection/Documents Security:

This is one of my favorite features of CamScanner. One can set passcodes to certain personal documents so that no other person can view it. The feature to password protect the document while sharing it with others is also available so that it cannot go through further processing. This way your documents are well protected and secured.

Documents Manager:

You can manage your documents conveniently through CamScanner. You can access your documents anywhere and anytime you need. You can also run a quick search in CamScanner. It enables the quick search option within seconds. You can even back and restore your documents to or from the SD card.

You can scan and manage the following documents on CamScanner:

  • Business Card, Tax Roll, Contract, Bills, Invoices.
  • Letter, Script, Memo, Whiteboard.
  • Article, Book, PPT, Note, Blackboard.
  • Identity Documents, Certificates, Credentials.

Share Option:

CamScanner also has support from the following third party Cloud storage services:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • Box
  • OneDrive

You have the option to add up to 40 extra collaborators. Upload your files and share them through your cloud accounts. You even have the option for auto upload to your cloud account. With it simultaneously sync option, any change made in your document from any device, syncs it across all the devices it has been installed in.


It also offers you to collaborate with your friends and colleagues to view your scanned documents and comment their opinions underneath it.

With its easy and convenient sharing features you can now share your documents by emailing attachments, through your various social media platforms and outlets and your cloud accounts obviously.


Other Special Features:

There is a list of other features which I would like you all to know.

  • You can add about 10G cloud space.
  • PDF files can be downloaded in a batch through website.
  • You can send document link with it being password protected and your document having an expiration date.
  • You can also create a document collage of multiple pages.
  • You can print out documents in an instant with any nearby printer via its AirPrint feature.
  • You can also fax directly from this application to over 30 countries.
  • Following languages have been made available in this app: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Bottom Line:

CamScanner is literally the boss. With all its amazing features and offers in just $0.99 it is an app which you should have on all your devices. If you are business personnel or student working on some presentation or maybe an architecture sharing your designs, whatever your field of work maybe this app will solve your documenting and scanning and sharing problems. It is easy to access and work with. You can share your documents and even fax them with convenience and you can get the opinions of your mates instantly with it commenting feature. I love this app for all my office and school needs.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 5.6.9
Version iOS 9.0 Or Later
Size 143.05 MB
Developer Linguan Data iOS App Developer
Genre Utilities

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