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In the older days, children used to maintain their daily diary. This activity used to help in building their vocabulary and their imagination. But in today’s world children are least bothered about maintaining a diary because they are too busy in their iPads and their parent’s iPhones. Thus, an app that children can enjoy on their iPads is a necessity now.

The amazing news is that children can now maintain a diary on their iOS devices. Yes! DiaryZapp is a smart diary that is available anywhere and everywhere. Your children can add their favorite and most memorable moments in that diary in words, as well as add pictures and create different characters and themes. DiaryZapp is a great app for young children because this app will not only help them learn new things but will also help them in improving their imagination. This app is specially developed by parents of 2 young children, so they have kept in consideration all the things that can help boost children’s literacy. The best thing why this app is perfect for children is that this app allows children to create and share their memories with their friends and family. This feature is a great motivator for young children because in this way they can get appreciation and feedback from their friends and family members.

The developers have also added a strict security system to make sure that children are sharing appropriate material with the appropriate people, and whether or not they are continuously learning from the app. So, the developers have made sure that this app is beneficial for children and the chief parent is well informed about all the activities of their children.


DiaryZapp iOS App Features

DiaryZapp is not like any ordinary diary. This diary comes with several amazing features that your children are going to love. You would never have to ask your children to maintain the diary instead they will always remain motivated to maintain the diary themselves. This is because of DiaryZapp’s top-notch user interface that has been specially designed for children. DiaryZapp offers a wide range of features, including:

  • The app allows kids to use their imagination and to style the unique Zappicon characters to any shape, size or crazy colors.
  • DiaryZapp offers a wide range of styling options, so kids can add wings, unicorn horn or any other stickers to the Zappicons.
  • Kids can also earn DiaryZapp points if they complete the milestones.
  • Kids can use the earned points to purchase more stickers that would make their diary look more attractive and fun.
  • There is no in-app purchase, so after purchasing this app for your child, you can be worry-free.
  • The App offers a tool box that has a wide variety of coloring pens and other art tools.
  • Kids can also add their favorite/memorable photo to the diary so that they are able to record and share their adventures with others.
  • They can add as many pages as they like in a day
  • They can also register up to 4 other children.
  • Zappicons also help kids if they get stuck choosing what to write about, or suggest words to boost vocabulary.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, the app offers several other features that will surely help your child learn something new and beneficial every day.


For parents, their child’s security is the top priority. As DiaryZapp is developed by parents, they have made sure that no parent is worried about the content that their kid is creating and sharing, or is worried about the progress of their child. This is the reason why they have developed a strict security system that works flawlessly and informs the chief parent about everything their child wants to share with his friends and family. The app secretly sends the data to the registered chief parent before it is sent to anyone else, so the chief parent always has the authority to approve the content that their child is sharing.


The developers have developed this app according to their own children’s suggestions. Therefore, they have made sure that this app is simple to use for every other child similarly like it is for their own children. So as a parent, you don’t have to worry about teaching your child how to use this app, because the user interface is smartly developed by the developers; hence the app is not only easy-to-use, but it is actually fun-to-use.  

Bottom Line

DiaryZapp is the perfect app for young children because not only is this app fun, but this app offers several features that help children in improving their creative skills and their vocabulary. With this app, your child will learn something new every day and would utilize his/her time in doing something productive. Your child can also share their work with friends and family and get appreciation from them. This fun-to-use app is also completely safe to use as you will have complete control on what your child is sharing with others.

So, if you want to turn your child’s summer slide into summer pride, DiaryZapp is the perfect app to invest in, so that your child does not only stores his/her summer adventures in the diary in a creative way, but also learns new and beneficial things every day.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.0
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Size 211.71 MB
Developer Diary Zapp
Genre Education

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