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The mobile photo editors market is very competitive and growing rapidly in terms of features as well quality. Previously, there used to be a handful of photo editors in the market, but now you can find unlimited photo apps editing apps.

Enlight is one of them. It is a very intuitive, high quality, powerful and well-designed photo editing app. It is an easy-to-use photo editing software which allows you to perform various adjustments to your image, without downloading additional apps. It is currently available only for iOS.

The Enlight app will cost you $3.99 (half-off price), and with the specifications it provides, the price is really justifiable. Enough talk; let’s find out what this app has to offer.


Enlight iOS App Features

Following are the detailed analysis of various features offered by Enlight:



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Get the style of vintage film and camera by using the vintage filters. You can also add light leaks and vignette effect which brings a retro feel in the photo. The two-toned gradient is also available to revitalize the colors.

B&W Filters

View the world in black and white by using B&W filters. This filter provides amazing presets which are inspired by dark room along with finishing touches with grain and film intensity to give you monochromatic photos.

Two Of A Kind Filters

The two-toned gradients allow you to create a unique color wash which brings out the most amazing and creative colors shades and rejuvenate your image.

These are only some of the filters that we have discussed above; there are plenty of other amazing filters to choose from to get enlightened. The best thing about this is that you can even create and save your own unique presets.

Another great thing about Enlight filters is their customizable intensity, which allows you to adjust the intensity of each filter you use from the very easy swipeable menu at the bottom.

Collage And Frame Option

Our most of the pictures go to Facebook and Instagram, that’s where the square option comes into the play. Though Facebook allows you upload the images which are not square, but the display picture needs to be squared.

The crop option is always there but why do the hassle when you can add blur or pattern in your background. Plus, every picture has a story, therefore, it allows you to share your complete photo whether landscape or portrait so you can convey the complete story behind your photo

The customizable, fun colors and patterns frame are also available to give an additional touch to your photos along with collage option, so you can experiment with various interesting options and add new composition on your photos.

Background Removel Tool

There is always one person who masters the art of photo bombing in our circle; this number increases more when you are taking photos outside. Whether intentional or not, it somehow ruins the image. Enlight allow you to remove the unwanted, distracting or defected area in the background with clone/heal tool, so you can save your captured moment as you desired.


Enhancing Tools

Try to think of all the ways you can enhance your photos; you will be surprised to see that almost all of them are available in Enlight app. It won’t be wrong to say that it is equipped with photo adjustment superpowers. You can

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, color, and curves
  • Adjust ranges of color tone by using multi-channel curves
  • Adjust under/over exposed photos
  • Mask for adding effects with precise control
  • Shrink, bloat or reshape the specific objects
  • Shift focus by using linear, mirror and radial tilt-shift
  • Reduce the noise of the photos
  • Blend your image with double exposure effect

Furthermore, you can use the special effects which add charm to your photos. The bokeh lights, hearts, confetti, snow, bubbles and many more effects are available to decorate your photos and give them new and reviving touch. These options are also available in other apps but the Enlight special effects are more subtle and appealing as compared to the others.

Selfie Options

In spite of having so many amazing tools for just like Photoshop editor, Enlight does not allow selfies to be captured as a built-in feature in the app. However, your mobile camera taken pictures & selfies can be edited beautifully with this app.

Gif Support

Enlight does not offer GIF support feature. Alternatively, you can have JPEG, PNG and TIFF format available.

Other Specail Features

Crop, Skew, And Resize

Got a bad angle or tilted photo? Don’t worry! It allows you to adjust your crooked photos as you can flip, rotate and straighten your photos to get that perfect alignment. That is not it; you can correct the bad perspective of your photo as you can modify your image to make it look like it was taken from a different angle.


Artistic Effect

The artistic effects allow you unleash your artist within and allow you to convert your simplest images into amazing artistic masterpieces, which are created with amazing paint effects. You can either convert your image into a unique street art or make it look like a sketch which looks very realistic by applying painting tools such as grunge textures, geometric funk, and spray paint splatter.


Add Decals And Text

You can insert text on your photos with very stylish and trendy fonts and styles. Whether it is a single liner or quote or a caption, you can personalize it as you get to choose your font, color, and shadow.

You can even choose the opacity that means you get complete control on the personalization to create your desired style text. This option can also be used to create funny memes to share with your friends.


Bottom Line

The Enlight app delivers an excellent all round package of photo editing. It offers more than a usual photo editing app does. It emphasizes on high quality and finer details, which is very critical to make the final output as flawless as possible.

Moreover, the interface is very intuitive and the tutorials are available in every step to get you started. Despite the fact that it does not have an undo button and its in-app camera does not provide rich features, it is still a very powerful and feature-rich mobile photo editor and contains bundles of options to make it an irresistible option. Therefore, it is highly recommended.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.4.5
Version iOS 10 or later
Size 100.45 MB
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Genre Photography

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