Evernote stay organized review an app with multiple input options that act as an extinction of the brain of yours. Now you can capture or store anything from anywhere. Great ideas mean different things to different people. To a businessman, an idea can transform into a fortune. To artists, it may find a way of his expression of themselves. So if ideas are Assets what are you doing to manage yours?

All your ideas, all your information, all your data can be quickly recorded, uploaded and managed by the super productive app right from your office desk or at home or even while you are driving or traveling with its significantly powerful input tools. It enables you with the feasibility to create new content on the fly.

Evernote iOS App Features

Following are the exceptional features that Evernote offers for better productivity in everyday life:

Notes Taking Capabilities

Make your ideas safe. Make your ideas be noted down and look on to them in order to transform them into something Big as, “your Ideas are your Assets”.

Evernote helps you save ideas, things you like, things that you see or the things that you hear anywhere anytime. It acts as an extension to the storage of your brain that helps it easier to recall what is important and can’t be easily recalled.

It is basically a note taking system that keeps track of digital odds and ends. iOS Evernote app comes with signature green color with simple animations that make your work look creative and simply amazing to you.


Effective Organization

Now your scattered data is located and can be viewed in one specific and convenient location Evernote which manages your important notes in the best way possible.

It moreover acts as a digital companion to you as it provides you with the options to make connections, keep track and eyes on your expenses and while you are traveling helps you save research, store ideas, make important notes or whatever appropriate use that you have with the app. Evernote is the app I would prefer you to make notes as it manages your data and info in a very organized way.

You can store videos, pictures, snapshots you name it and store it as a note in your Evernote.


Syncing Option

Evernote makes things even more interesting by allowing its users to sync the data across various devices such as mobile phone, computer, and tablet. In essence, by syncing, you can easily start off your notes from exactly where you have stopped on a previous device.

It allows you to set a security passcode on the iPhone app for privacy concern.

Sharing Option

Evernote also offers a sharing feature for better collaboration of project with multiple participants, so that projects can be developed faster with keeping in view various aspects and ideas of the effective team.


Other Special Features

Evernote has exceptional features that make it suitable for:

  • Education – Allows students to effectively collaborate and manage study groups, keep up with lectures and highlight important article for research purposes.
  • Business – Allows business personnel to effectively write agendas and memos, annotation of documents and allows multiple accesses for even more productivity.
  • Apple Watch Support – It can transcribe the dictated notes, search effectively through dictating, set reminders and receive notifications.
  • Plus App – 1 GB of upload space monthly, offline access to notes, $3.99/month or 34.99 annually.
  • Premium App  Allows you with some significantly different tools such as WorkChat, Context and Presentation Mode. These are only for use of the Premium Subscribers. It’s the best highly productive tool app that enables the user the power to recall everything that is worth being recalled. 10 GB of new upload space each month with a subscription that costs $7.99/month or $69.99 annually.

Bottom Line

Using Evernote is extending your brain in storing excess amounts of data and then easily viewing it. All you have to do is “Log it to recall it”. I would rather prefer calling it as a Recalling App that helps you remember.

Easy to use an overwhelming app it is, whenever you see anything important that must be recalled later pop out your mobile phone so you can recall it.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 8.13.1
Version iOS 9.3 or later
Size 175.63 MB
Developer Evernote iOS App Developer
Genre Productivity

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