FaceTune iOS App is a popular photo editing app which allows you to edit your selfie and portraits just as best as you can see in the fashion magazines and cover photos. Now you don’t need to go for a photo shoot or require any professional high definition camera, FaceTune has got everything you are looking for! Whether you take a picture from your cell phone or iPad or any other device, it is a way easier to edit and get desirable results just as you get one by using Photoshop. Now, editing pictures are easy and fun with FaceTune.

FaceTune iOS App Features

Along with its awesome features, you can easily get the best picture of yours whether to upload or share on social media, or sending to a fashion magazine (you look none of the less than a model for sure!). Here is what FaceTune is offering you for a great transformation! Let us check out its exciting features.

Instant Makeover Tools


FaceTune is nonetheless your beauty salon; you can get all services by using just your fingertips! The most promising tools provide the following ease for you:

  • Re-shaping facial structure: You can refine your jaw line, reshape your nose, highlight cheekbones, transform your face shape into the way you like by either enlarging or shrinking the specific area by using ‘refine’ and ‘reshaper’ tools.
  • Remove Dark Circles: Remove dark circles and bags under your eyes by using ‘patch’ and ‘tone’ tools, and you can get afresh image as if you have had a plenty of sound sleep or applied a concealer.
  • Remove Blemishes: If you have got a perfect picture but acne or a patch has ruined your picture, the patch tool helps you to remove blemishes and other unwanted objects by using similar areas to patch up with them, and the advanced tools make it almost impossible to recognize as if there exists a patch before!
  • Make-up Tools: You can shape your brows, add volume to your lashes, apply eye-shadow of your choice, add blush, apply lip color your want or can have intensified natural lips. Wow, isn’t it amazing, such a huge make-up without any cost!
  • Your Hair Salon: You can revive your hairs by using a combination of patch and tone tools; which enable you to cover the bald area of your scalp, also helps you to get a natural look of your hairs if you are having thin, gray hairs, or bad Achieve a younger and complete look by using FaceTune, in just a few seconds

Enhancing Tools

FaceTune enhancing tools offer a great range to select from. Some features are:

  • Get a perfect smile: Get a perfect flawless smile by adjusting/ enhancing your smile, and brightening your teeth. Eliminate that yellowish look from your teeth! Just swipe your finger through your picture and get a perfect and attractive smile! Widen your smile using ‘stretch’ tool.
  • Emphasizing Details: You can highlight and accentuate the best parts of your face. You can eliminate that red a white-eye effect, you can change the eye color, and can also make anenhancement for more attractive and penetrating eyes.
  • Smoothing Tool: You can get perfect skin by just rolling over your finger to the desired area for the flawless skin. It is very simple and easy to use; in this way, you can beautiful skin by hiding those wrinkles, small blemishes, and dark spots.The smoother tool is there for this purpose.
  • Rotate/ Flip/ Customized Effects: You can rotate or flip an image and get a mirror image, crop the image, adjust and drag as Also, you can add theunique texture of your choice and can create customized frames.

Focusing Tools

Here the defocus tool does the wonder! Just like any professional camera, that primarily focuses on YOU more than the background and the surroundings, here the defocus tool does the same. Using this tool you can bring out the person you want to focus onthe main object, and can blur the rest of the picture.

Selfie Options

In order to take your picture, when you use the camera option in the app, it opens your device camera for you;you can either click a picture from there or choose your selfie from thegallery. A number of editing options are there including lighting, smoothing tools, whiten your teeth, and get a pretty smile and so on. You can just play around with the options and can have fun (You can even transform yourself as an alien!)

Tip: Get your fresh and revitalizing look using ‘fresh’ tool.


Here are the resolution specs for the app so far:

  • iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: 12.6 MP
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus 16.8 MP
  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S: 12.6 MP
  • iPhone 4S: 8 MP
  • iPhone 4: 4.1 MP

Sharing Options

You can share your pictures on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flicker, and Instagram; as these are the built-in sharing options provided to you. Though there are no so many sharing options, but these are fine so far. Another way of sharing images is that you can simply save them in your phone, and share them via e-mail or any medium that allows pictures sharing.ShareSheet in iOS can also be considered while sharing pictures.

Note: The latest version has Facebook Messenger export support too.

Other Special Features

Apart from offering those amazing features as we have seen above, the app focuses also on the ease of learning for its users. A guide is available for the users and can be accessed via ‘help’ option using the interface. Also, when you are using any tool for the very first time, a short tutorial or tip will be shown to you for the guidance that helps you to understand how to use that tool (Believe me, that is such a blessing for a beginner or a layman!). Though by even swiping a finger will do the job in some quick to go tools!

Another thing is that you can always view and compare your original picture alongside with just a single tap, keep editing and have fun! Be proud of what you have done so far!

Bottom Line

FaceTune app lets you customize your pictures by providing you for performingartistic work on them as per your requirements. It is a quick and easy to go photo editing tool ideal for an instant makeover of yours within few clicks.I can regard it as one of the easy-to-use app built especially for the photo-loving freaks and selfie-obsessed people. Just give it a try and you will love it for sure! As it provides you with the best natural possible look you can have without overriding the editing tools and techniques.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 2.7.3
Version iOS 9.0 Or Later
Size 59.96 MB
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Genre Photo and Video , Photography

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