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Full Fitness app is developed by Mehrdad Mehrain who are passionate about health and body fitness and wants to ease every one by providing this app. full fitness exercise workout trainer review is an amazing app. It is a complete package for a workout and is the best as it provides hundreds of workout of different body parts. It is user-friendly and designed to interact and provides everything a user needs. It not only gives instruction about workout but also it provides video in which the whole workout is being performed. The video is to facilitate user so that they can perform workout better. Moreover, this app also helps to track our weight and is able to calculate our BMI. If a user wants to lose weight then this app can track the weight loss in one day. This app can customize the workout session which can to some extent avoid the need of a personal trainer, as this app works as a personal trainer. Full Fitness app sorts exercise for different body parts so it helps to find relevant exercise.


Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer iOS app Features:

This app has a wide range of interesting app which helps a user to stay fit. This app provides exercises for both male and female. This app provides complete workout plans with more interesting features which help a user to monitor the weight and provides hundreds of workout for fitness.

Workout Routines:

This app provides hundreds of workout. This app category these workout into different body exercises respectively. This app has a lot of exercises which helps to do workout every day. It has the ability to customize app according to user’s needs and demands.


As you can see in the picture that it provides different exercises for different body parts. For example if you select arm, in arm it has variety of options. This app allows users to carry out workout for a specific reason. Everyone do workout for different reasons, some do to lose weight, and some do for building their body, other might as a therapy for their joins. This app is enabled to cater all needs, it has exercises for their weight lost, for body building and for therapy. Moreover, this app provides information about which machine is needed along with exercises. The developer of this app even understand that many people don’t have machines, therefore, this app provides many workouts and exercises which doesn’t involve machines and are easy to perform but are effective as well. This app advances exercises and workouts as users become older and are doing exercise. It doesn’t allow to do heavy exercise to a new user, it keeps usage rate in mind. By controlling the exercises, they make sure that heart rate and metabolism is not compromised.


This app doesn’t have a fix scheduling cycle. The user can use at their ease and can perform workout as they are comfortable. This flexibility is given to a user. This app is different from another workout app, it doesn’t burden its user. Developers feel that every user has their own pace and decide their schedule on their own because schedule depends on users own life, a student will have a different workout plan than a professional banker. So by setting a schedule it might restrict a student and on other hands, same schedule might burden the user.  Therefore it doesn’t have any 5 or 10 minutes workout every day, it’s up to the user.

Video Instructions:

This app provides video for all workouts and exercise so that user can clearly understand what to do and how to do. These videos demonstrate whole workout so that if user is not able to understand from illustration. These videos are for all workouts in the app which means that this app is providing hundreds of workout video for just $2.99 so I believe it’s totally worthy. These video by default in for free, there is no in app purchase for these app which increases the efficiency of this app and it is providing recording to users’ needs.

Activity Tracking:

It is indeed difficult to keep yourself motivated with doing gym everyone and for that people wants to track their workout but it seemed so difficult job before using this app. This app helps to track the workout and exercise for a user. Tracking app helps to be motivated and be constant towards the workout. This app allows keeping a track of how many times exercise is done therefore it set a benchmark which they know that they have to maintain. This app helps to be more discipline towards workout and exercises. In short, it sets out a calendar of a workout which can be seen at a glance. Moreover, this app has a lot of storage capacity which allows it to store such data for every day for years.

Weight Monitor:

Weight Monitor is also available in this app through which a user can track his/her weight. This feature is being provided for users who wants to lose weight. This app helps to track user’s weight. It has the capability to track calories of 90000 foods, just by entering food type this app will gibe you figure how many calories are intake which we will user to estimate and plan his/her workout accordingly in future. By using this app, a user will automatically eat fewer calories because they know that these calories will be shown in numbers and to burn these calories they have to do more work out. Eventually, this will refuse weight.

Goal Achievements:

Unlike other workout apps, there are no in-app purchases. Other workout app helps to increase motivation in user by providing them features which was not previously available to them and which are usually paid features. As this app doesn’t have any in-app purchase it doesn’t have any goal achievement or reward for its user to achieve the target or aim. I believe that there should be such rewards so that user keeps motivated and goal-oriented.

Other Special Features:

This app allows sharing your workout plan with others on social media. It even has the capability to share users past workout and users achievement to back up everything. It has the capability to compare uses results with another person if multiple users are using the same app on the same device. It allows comparing history with future workouts which mean to judge the effectiveness of the workout. It even allows to email everything; user’s past workout, calories burn, future workout plans.

Bottom Line:

This app is an amazing app. I believe it is under price compared to what it is offering to its users. It is a complete package to a user. It is a great app for everyone, this app is able to cater the needs of everyone, and it is not only designed for a segment, but it is able to fulfill the requirements of everyone. This app is a substitution for a personal trainer, who is expensive, this app is relatively cheaper and provide everything a personal trainer would. Therefore, I rated this app 5 out of 5.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 3.1
Version iOS 8.1 Or Later
Size 99.95 MB
Developer Mehrdad Mehrain
Genre Health & Fitness

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