Managing your schedule can be such a headache that we all need relief from. Dates, days, meetings, birthdays, so many things we have got to remember that chances are high to miss out a few. HotSchedules Review for iOS prods is probably the best iOS schedule managing app at the moment with it’s easy to use the platform you will learn the app and it’s functions a lot easily and much freely whether you are the boss yourself or working in a team with colleagues Hot Schedule keeps you on your schedule.

HotSchedules iOS App Features

Being a boss can be very tough for you keeping up with tight schedules, meetings, checking on every employee and their performance details. As in today’s fast moving world time is nothing less valuable than money or as the saying goes time is money. In this fast moving world, successful are only those who pay time it’s due respect and is always acting accordingly to proper time.

Following are the amazing features that HotSchedules offer that could make your business management tasks less tiresome.


Sales & Labor Records

It gets very odd sometimes keeping with all the small details, official meetings, business deals, the dates, pay bills by their deadline and keep up with reminders, along with appointments. Hot Schedule is perhaps the app what you would find to tackle time and be always on time. Hot Schedule gives you facilitation with less paperwork and more sustainable office work being managed all at once and in your iOS phone in your pocket. Take your office wherever you go and manage your schedule throughout the day same as managing your business from anywhere through this portable schedule app.


Hot Schedule lends you a helping hand with the ability to manage your work schedule in a much easier way and keeping you on the course. It’s a number 1 ranked scheduling app and requires a valid Hot Schedules account to manage the app. It makes managing your business easy with its capabilities to view not only current schedules but also schedules important for future.



With this amazing app, there is no chance for you to get irritated wit lame notifications as it allows you to set the notifications that hold important to you. With this amazing capability, it allows the user to not only set notification important for a current span of time but also allows to change the specific notifications in future.

Contacting Capabilities

Additionally, the app contains the information and details of all your employees (which you can access and edit at your will) you can contact your staff or your coworker at any time. If you want to make an announcement, simply message to all your employees. With just a few taps on your screen, you can manage shift swaps, contracts keep current and future schedules, manage certain time off requests and view sales and labor snapshots, compare between actual to scheduled labor. Set up specific notifications, messages employees, in managing time off requests.


Other Special Features

Office workers or Team Members can also regard to this app as their personal secretary who keeps them updated with every important thing you got to do in your day. with all your colleagues synced on your phone, you can be in touch with your colleagues, share your work via Messages, Mails, Request time off, review open shifts, set up specific notifications such as new messages, schedule changes, shift trade approvals etc.. In all it can store the entire work schedule of yours, that is fascinating as it helps you quite a lot in managing your work.

It also comes up with a search option that makes things even easier because with this option you can easily sort out or search the bulk of messages with a keyword.

Bottom Line

In all, it’s the best that you’ve got for keeping up with the day to day schedule. If you are in necessity of a schedule app then Hot Schedule is my pick for you. It is great for managing and scheduling and will surely make your life a little less hectic and since it allows you to manage your work life through few touches on the screen, you can do the scheduling without hassle on the go or while enjoying a family party.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 4.84.0
Version iOS 9.0 Or Later
Size 91.38 MB
Developer HotSchedules
Genre Business & Finance

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