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In a sea of free and paid e-book readers for iPhone and iPad, Amazon’s Kindle e-reader app has emerged as one, even though its direct competitor is the iBook app from the big dog itself: Apple, so how is it that the Kindle app has managed to emerge on top as the superior e-book reader. Well, the answer lies in the app’s highly intuitive interface designed for easy reading, an amazing sync feature that allows you to read your Kindle e-books across multiple platforms and most of all it largest e-book store with millions of titles meaning Kindle users are spoilt for choice all wrapped up under the confidence of a company like Amazon, it’s not hard to why most iPhone and iPad users prefer Kindle over iBook for their reading.

The Kindle app has also been my go-to app for a very long time, I find its features and interface make reading more fun and easier. The ability to customize the reading experience means I can choose different settings that suit my comfort. After all the reading experience should the main focus of an e-book reader. One thing I would like to add here is that over the years, I feel Kindle has evolved into a much better app than ever before, to me, it seems that they have been listening to their users and have been adding new features and options that have ensured that their readers remain loyal to the app and the service. The Kindle app and service has survived the test of time, where many have come and gone, Kindle continues to grow and flourish.

Let’s check out the features in more detail:


Luxury Feel

If I had to select a word that described the reading experience of the Kindle app, I would say it is “intuitive.” You can really feel that Amazon has paid a lot of attention and given this aspect a lot of thought because for as long as I have used the Kindle app on my iPhone, its reading experience and customization options have always impressed me. There are plenty of typographical options to enhance the reading experience; the options allow you to customize the text to a greater extent than any other.  There are different fonts, the ability to control the size of the text and the spacing between the lines and there are color theme settings: black text on white, white text on black, or dark brown text on a sepia-toned background, you also have a built-in brightness setting so you can read comfortably in different light and a night-time mode especially designed for low light conditions to reduce the strain on eyes. One of my favorite features is the dictionary that gives you the definition of a word when you tap and hold. You can also highlight text, add annotations and leave bookmarks.


This is where the Kindle really establishes itself as a superior e-book reader compared to most others including the iBook. The Amazon’s Whispersync is a feature that allows you to sync your e-books across all gadgets and platforms with Kindle, yes that includes you Mac or PC, Android, iOS and other platforms and Kindle readers and tablets through cloud storage. The Wispersync will sync your progress, highlighted text, annotations and collection of e-books so you don’t have to be a slave to a single platform or device. This really is an extremely useful feature for all of us out there with various gadgets that run on different operating systems. iBook, on the other hand, is limited to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

Largest E-book Store

This is where the game of numbers begins, since as long as I can remember Apple and Amazon have been competing with each other about the number of e-books available on their store. Although Apple may have had the lead at some point or another, Amazon has really emerged as the bigger and better store with over 3.7 million Kindle books which include magazines, newspapers, graphic novels and textbooks with high-res color images.


Here the limitation of the Kindle app for iPhone, buying Kindle books directly from the app is not possible because of Apple’s restriction, Apple just wants you to switch to iBook and buy their books. However, all is not lost because Kindle books can be bought on through the web browser that does not come under the limitations imposed by Apple.


Bottom line

The Kindle app is an essential if you are a reader. The app is intuitive, with a clean look, and plenty of useful features including Wispersync that make Kindle the best e-book reading app for not only the iPhone and iPad but also across different platforms. The customizations options for a better reading experience, the easy to use dictionary and translator means that you do not have to leave the app to find out the meaning of a certain word. The huge collection of Kindle books for sale on Amazon makes Kindle the best choice for avid readers.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 6.8
Version Requires iOS 10.0 or later
Size 163.01 MB
Developer AMZN Mobile LLC
Genre Books

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