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From the developers Andor Communications, the photo editing app LightX is considered as one of the most comprehensive smart device apps out there. With its ultra-impressive features including the cut-out and combine tool it really is the top dog in the market. Now we all know that photo editing app comes a dime a dozen, there are really nice free ones, and the really expensive ones and the ones that failed to make their mark, but all things considered LightX priced at $1.99 really gives a serious bang for your buck (or two.) Its features have definitely impressed me.  

LightX is a photo editing app designed for people who enjoy photography and editing, when using this app I have felt that I spend quite a considerable time tweaking the image, altering and perfecting it; and its simple design and useful tools make the process of editing a lot of fun.  Andor Communications’ vision for the LightX was to develop a single photo editing app the eliminates the need for using multiple apps to create a stunning image, with impressive tools such as Color mixing, Curves, Levels with options to adjust Saturation, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and plenty of filters, the app really feels like a complete photo editor. LightX is for the young, fun selfie lovers who want to create impressive images through fun filers and some image tuning and also for professional photographers on the go with its advanced photo editing tools.

LightX iOS App Features

It may be evident from my enthusiasm that I love taking and editing photo, sometimes just for the sake of it. I enjoy exploring and experimenting to see how far I can take my creativity, even if I do not post the end result. LightX is one of the most feature rich apps, the long list of features within the app really made me feel like it is a complete photo editing app that will take the place of most other editing apps you have been using in the past. It includes basic features, as well as some really advanced ones and a few fun ones have also been thrown in for good measure.

Let’s look at the ones that I really enjoy and use frequently.


Shape Manipulation

This tool is one of the standouts for me in terms of its usability and effectiveness. It allows you to improve the shape of your image, to make it look more symmetrical. Proportions can really have a strong impact on your image.


Another tool that I use a ton, brushes will allow you to have better control on what you want to edit, it gives you the power to select what you want to change and leave the rest of the image unaltered. For instance, you wish to tweak the exposure of the background behind you and leave the rest of the image untouched then brushes are the way to go. Pinching changes the size of the brush so you have even more control of what you edit.

Color Splash

This tool is a fun one and quite amazing when you learn how to use it. Want to change the color of your dress in the photograph, well with the color splash tool you modify it. You can edit any object in the background and the foreground with this tool.


The latest updated version of the app have improved Paper, Vintage, and Retro filters with various options. LightX is equipped with plenty of stunning filters with a boatload of option that gives you full control of how you want the liter to change your image. I am not big on using filters, but I know that there are plenty of you out there who love using filters and I am sure the filters in LightX will completely satisfy you.


An option that can only be seen in the more advanced photo editing apps, the curve tool is great for color correction and adding contrast.

Beauty Settings for Selfies

For all of you who would like to use LightX for editing selfies, the app has a comprehensive range of tools and beauty filters to help you remove blemishes, improve skin texture and more


Cut Out and Combine

With the Cut-Out and Combine tool, you can select an object in the foreground by drawing an outline around your desired object and then combine it with another picture. I find this tool to be extremely fun to use because it has allowed me to create some really fun images.

User Interface

The easy to use and neat interface of the app is one of the best things about LightX. The design of the app with is easy controls make even advanced tools easier and simpler to use. It is obvious from the friendly user interface that the app is targeted towards everyone and not just the professionals.

The Learning Curve

This I feel is a common experience among the users of advanced photo editing apps – The Learning Curve. Due to the variety of tools as well as the complexity of some of the more advanced tools such as the Curve, color splash, some users may need to spend some time figuring out how to use each tool.  However, once you get the grip of it, then you are only limited by your imagination.

Bottom line

A great photo editing tool has the potential to take you images to a whole new level and LightX really gives you all the tools you may need to elevate your photographs and create stunning, eye catching image. The $1.99 price tag seems reasonable considering the tools provided in the app. LightX wants you to create great photos and share it with the world using the easy share options present within the app. LightX is a reliable, fun and comprehensive photo editing app for an affordable price.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 3.4
Version Requires iOS 9.1 or later
Size 71.10 MB
Developer Andor Communications Private Limited
Genre Photo and Video

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