So, are into graffiti? Do you love graffiti the same way most of us do? Does your brain start imagining how every other place that you visit would look after some graffiti? Then do not worry because I love graffiti the same way you do. I also tend to imagine how this wall can look better with some graffiti. This is the reason why I’m going to introduce you to an app that will satisfy your thrust for some graffiti, and the best thing is that this graffiti is according to the current emoji trend. Yes! You can now roam around the city and simply add graffiti and emojis in your pictures. Mirage World is today’s graffiti. Without any extra efforts, you can create amazing graffiti and share it with your friends and the online Mirage World community. You can create graffiti by adding your favorite emojis to your favorite place, and people from all over the world would be able to see your work and appreciate you.


Mirage World iOS App Features

The app includes all the features that you would require to make your graffiti more interesting for the worldwide audience. Some of the features include:

You can create your graffiti by using any place GIFs, objects, text, hashtags, photos, and drawings

Uploading your content for the worldwide audience

Opportunity to regularly explore what other graffiti designers are up to, and what level of adventure they are enjoying.

You can also encourage other graffiti artists of Mirage World by ‘UpVoting’

You can also record mirages you find and let your friends know where to find them


You don’t have to be a pro to get your hands on this app, all you need is some creative ideas to make your graffiti more interesting; apart from that, you honestly require no special skill to enjoy this app. Mirage Worlds, Inc. has kept the user-interface is very simple, so that people are able to enjoy the app in the best way possible.



The app is launched recently. Therefore, not a lot of feedback is available to gauge the popularity of the app, but with the data that is actually available, we can gauge that Mirage World is already a success, but the best news is that this app has high chances of becoming more popular in the near future. With the limited amount of response that is currently available, we can easily comprehend that Mirage Worlds, Inc. has done a fantastic job at developing this app, and this app is going to be one of the most popular, and talked-about app – especially amongst graffiti lovers. All-in-all I honestly admit that it is near to impossible that you would not enjoy this app’s features.


Bottom Line

The simple-to-use, yet jam-packed with fun and excitement – is how I define Mirage World. This app is a true pleasure to have. You cannot get bored if you have Mirage World because you can spend your time creating your own graffiti, or you can simply enjoy others’ work and support them. With Mirage World you can sit back & relax and explore new places of the world as other Mirage World members upload their work.  You can also support them by simply voting for them. Mirage World is like a community of fun-loving and adventures people, who appreciate graffiti.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 1.1.12
Version Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Size 70.4 MB
Genre Social Networking

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