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Got a habit of penning down important and key things in your life? Are you looking for an app to journal the things that may be the reason for your mood swings? How about an app that lets you journal down your moods, and in return tells you the reason of you being happy or why you are feeling low? Isn’t it exciting? An app that lets you have more knowledge about yourself and your moods! Then Moodnotes review is the answer to all your needs.

Moodnotes - Thought Journal & Mood Diary | CBT iOS App Features

Moodnotes is a thought journaling mood diary. The reason behind the app’s development is to develop healthy thinking habits among the masses. The purpose is simple: to keep a track of your mood and the reason behind it. This app also resulted in reducing stress and enhance the sense of well-being.

Let’s take a look into its features in depth:

Capture Thoughts

The app plays such a significant role in letting you know about your specific moods to such an extent that it might be the key towards eliminating the need for visiting a psychiatric in the nearing future. Technology being taken to the next level through the app. Moodnotes is your new pocket therapist.

This app allows you to confront your thoughts and moods without the fear of other people’s judgments.


Identify your Moods

Moodnotes is not a writing pad that lets you capture your thoughts only but it acts as your own personal psychiatrist and allows its users to efficiently identify their moods. It tells you in percentage how much anxious, inspired or excited you are feeling. In the case of detection of negativity, it suggests you of checking your noted thoughts. As a result, you become more aware of yourself.

Moodnotes-Identify your-Moods

User Friendly

The app is used friendly and not much rocket sciences applied in using this little master therapist.

Start the app, click the ‘+’ sign to add a mood and enter your feeling. Giving Moodnotes the vibe about your feelings is much easier. Swipe finger up and down to change your face according to your mood smiling or sad face.

Track Progress

With Moodnotes, it is even easier to track your progress over time. It can show you your mood breakdown over time which makes it even easier for you to understand the thought process and stay positive at all times.


Recognize & Tackle Thinking Traps

Moodnotes works as a highly efficient mind therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist by constantly questioning you like a pro, so that you can pinpoint the core that that was responsible for all the negativity and mood swings.

This app also allows you to identify the thinking traps such as mind reading and fortune telling. Additionally, it teaches how to avoid traps like these.


Other Special Features

The Moodnotes was previously the top paid health & fitness paid app on Apple and the reasons are clear. It allows users to quickly save or add details to define their mood. The details comprise of a list of multiple positive and negative thoughts out of which you can pick multiple moods.

After all the selections, the Moodnotes comes up with hints concerning how to rethink of the situation. Hence, resulting in calming your nerves to improve your feelings.


Bottom Line

Moodnotes is one of those tools that you have to want to use and to think and have a better understanding about knowing own self.

I have found this app useful and recommend to those who want to change the perception of viewing things with. Let’s you come over your anger by making you know what is it that angers you or make you feel happy and comfortable with letting you have a knowing about little things that fascinate you.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 2.3.3
Version iOS 9 or later
Size 45.03 MB
Developer ThrivePort, LLC
Genre Health & Fitness

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