Over the past years, television was considered to be the most revolutionizing leisure time passing activity. Desktops came, the laptops, then tablets and now the mobile phones have captured the attention of majority from all age groups. In entertainment genre, the Netflix mobile app has become the most influential of all. The major breakthrough came in early Jan of the year 2016 with Netflix and it’s developers and marketers declaring the app to go viral all over the globe due to the major response of public gaining attention towards English movies and TV Serials.


You have the access to watch anywhere anytime your favorites TV shows and Movies right at your cellphone screens. No downloading requirements, no buffering with Netflix you have got the perfect tool for your mobile applications.

Following are some of the amazing features offered by Netflix’s iOS app:

Multiple Profiles Accessibility

One of the best features of Netflix’s iOS app is the multiple profiles for up to five family members of any household. This feature allows each family member to access Netflix with their own profile to experience better-personalized experience because just like YouTube, Netflix also recommends TV shows and movies according to interest level that it sorts out by analyzing the previously watched shows. Besides that, the five different profiles on the same account provide the feasibility of categorizing the movies and shows for your kids to protect them from watching inappropriate shows that may exploit them in many ways.

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The app is so much useful with no advertisements right in the middle of your movies, or serials to crash your fun with the sudden emergence of ads. Netflix goes free for the first month, but once you get addicted to it, it would be hard for you to live without it. Comparing to top 3 internet TV sites Netflix is 5% more visited than Amazon Prime Instant Video and the Hulu Plus. Already tells you of it being desired all over the USA and now steps into the International arena.

Vast Library

It comprises of a constantly updated library which is updated at every second. Giving you access to full serials to watch in your leisure time. Netflix is far easier to use and it containing a massive treasury of television shows and even without a library of streaming videos, this web TV service is clearly dominating in the field in terms of a sheer number of available series, both classic and new.

Daredevil and Jessica Jones just two names among the most anticipated Netflix shows. Today, any show that discontinues from the big channels the fans start to hope that it may go to Netflix.

Customer Support

Netflix knows that keeping up this type of app in the league requires problems of users to be acknowledged as soon as possible. That is why; they offer high quality of help and support to the customers of the app. They are always up and awake for dealing with the forthcoming problems that might occur and halt the user’s entertainment.

Easy to Navigate

It’s a very user-friendly app, sign up an account and after answering a few questions regarding the movies and shows you like it helps you by recommending your taste of movies to you. Though you can access to most movies and shows by using the search tab simply. The major advantage in Netflix is no existence of any on-screen advertising. No promotional fluff in between as soon as the video buffers it will run. For the first month it’s free and then wants you to purchase further watching at three different packages which charge you monthly. In other words, you can’t call it purchasing but hiring just like a cable operator.

Other Special Features

The most significant Netflix’s feature is its smart search option that allows users to efficiently browse titles of the shows that you desire to watch and recommends shows depending upon previous searches. After the one-month free trial expires then you can decide if the Netflix app is worth your money or not. There are paid plans of Netflix i.e. Single Screen to come for $7.99 per month, Double Screen plan (plus HD) for $9.99 each month and the 4-Screen plus ultra-HD plan that costs $11.99 monthly.

Bottom Line

Netflix is not any complicated multi-media site, rather it’s a very simple app for your iOS to provide you your taste of entertainment. As soon as you have signed up life will be felt never this easy. Get your some Netflix and begin Netflix-ing, you would be besotted with it.

Though it came on the scene as web TV online service, but as the passage of time, it jumped to every smart device available with access to an internet connection that can be smart TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones.


Compatible DevicesiOS Universal
Version Off App9.51.0
VersioniOS 9 or later
Size102 MB
DeveloperNetflix, Inc.
Genre Entertainment

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In-App Purchase

Netflix 2 Screens - Unlimited Streaming$10.99
Netflix 1 Screen - Unlimited Streaming$7.99
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Netflix 2 Screens - Unlimited Streaming$10.99
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Netflix 4 Screens - Unlimited Streaming$13.99
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Netflix 1 Screen$7.99
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