Numbers is a powerful app designed specifically for the spreadsheet users so that they can create, view; edit spreadsheets in a most effective and in a collaborative environment. Numbers have got everything you long to have while using any of the spreadsheets available. It is designed by Apple Inc., which is a part of iWork suite along with KeyNote and Pages. It was first introduced in 2007 which was designed for OS X only, later on, it has extended its compatibility with iPhone and iPad in 2010, and till date is has been improving more and more with add-ons and spreading its extensions and support over other OS and devices as well.

Numbers iOS App Features

‘Numbers’ is one of the most innovative spreadsheets that have been designed for mobile users; you can enjoy a wide range of powerful functions and amazing features. Let us dig into more detail and take a look at each of its feature.

Multi-purpose Use

The spreadsheet has designed in such a way that you can either use it for the home purpose (maintaining a monthly budget, salary calculation, etc.), office purpose, invoicing and sales record keeping, making marks sheet, and so on. Therefore, it can be used by anyone whatever the purpose is.



You can choose over 30 templates that have been designed beautifully by Apple so that you can select a template according to your purpose.

Wide Range of Powerful Functions


With the latest version, you can now have over 250 powerful functions to choose from. The functions are offering so much ease to you. Some of them include:

  • New calculation engine to provide you ease
  • Resizing and re-ordering rows and columns through touch and drag
  • Resizing tables by dragging
  • Creating a form quickly on free-form canvas to start entering data
  • Alignment guides
  • Filtering/ Sorting columns
  • Hide/ Unhide rows and columns
  • Get built-in help and formulas for each of the function available

Focus and Zoom Options

With the smart zoom and focus options, you can create your spreadsheet better with more ease to insert data and use functions with just using your fingers.

Intelligent keyboard

‘Numbers’ has offered you to utilize its intelligent keyboard options which lets you to add text, formulas, time, duration, and much more. You can access the intelligent keyboard just by double-tapping a cell.

Adding Text, Images, and More

You have so many ways and options to add text and graphics to your spreadsheet. Tables, charts, texts and images can be inserted anywhere on the free-form canvas. You can insert images and videos from media browser, create tables and format them with your favorite style. Similarly, you can insert 2D or 3D charts and can also animate the data with the interactive bubble, bar, column and scatter charts.


NoteYou can also change cell values with the help of checkboxes, pop-ups, sliders, steppers, and star ratings.

Sharing & Collaboration Options

‘Numbers’ lets you share your work either publicly or with a specific group of people you want to share your work with. Also, your work remains collaborated with your teammates as well.


Sharing Via

You can share your spreadsheet using AirDrop if you need to send your work to someone nearby. Moreover, you can send a link to your work via Mail, Messages, and also on Facebook or Twitter! You can also copy your spreadsheet to other apps like DropBox by clicking on ‘Open in Another app’.

Collaborative Team Work

With the beta release of new collaboration feature for the ‘Numbers’, now all of your team can work together on the same spreadsheet at the same time. This gives you more collaborative and interactive environment to work on, and a platform is established to see the changes and map new ideas. Also, a PC user can also join the league by using iWork for iCloud.

View Real-Time Change

Whenever someone makes changes in the document, you can see it happening in the real-time, also the other person can see the changes that you made, too! You can also keep a track of the changes by viewing other person’s cursor to follow the changes made by them; you can do it simply by selecting the name from the collaborator list.

iCloud Support

iCloud has provided a great ease for you to edit or get access to your saved spreadsheets from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, and of course! To do this, just turn the iCloud ON. If using a PC, you can also get an access to the spreadsheet by visiting iCloud with the Numbers for iCloud.

The iCloud support has made working with spreadsheets easier and device independent. Moreover, your changes will be saved automatically once you save the document that is shared on iCloud.

Import/ Export Data from External Source

Numbers’ has got import/ export options as well to make your work more collaborative and easy to share. It is not just a simple spreadsheet which you can work over, but also offering as many options as you can have in MS Excel or other powerful spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel and CSV files can be imported and edited by using Mail, a WebDAV service or iTunes File Sharing. This means you can easily edit or incorporate the data by importing files and can do any sort of work using this spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be exported to CSV, PDF, and Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel Friendly

Now you can easily share your work with someone or who works even on Microsoft Excel. With ‘Numbers’, you can import/ export MS Excel files, and also ‘Numbers’ spreadsheet can be saved as MS Excel files. Now you can easily work with someone who is using MS Excel and you are using Numbers, you can feel like working in MS Excel, as most popular features of MS Excel are present in ‘Numbers’.

There is much more regarding MS Excel compatibility, but that is entire another discussion, we’ll cover it later on. The sole purpose behind making it MS Excel friendly is to provide ease in collaborating, and become more app independent on business and corporate level, or the areas where teamwork is highly encouraged.

Other Special Features

Printing Options

Now taking print out has become easy with the help of AirPrint (AirPrint is Apple technology that helps you to create full-quality print outs without bothering about the drivers or any sort of installation for printing purpose). By using AirPrint, you can take out the print wirelessly.

Accessibility Options

‘Numbers’ can be also accessed from either any Mac or Personal Computer by using the browser at iCloud, alongside with Apple devices.


With the help of iCloud, you can synchronize all your data across any device, so you do not have to worry while working on any spreadsheet; the changes that you made will be saved, and your spreadsheet will always be up-to-date.

Bottom Line

‘Numbers’ is basically a part of Apple’s iWork suite which has been developed for the sole purpose of serving for spreadsheets, and nothing else! Along with its amazing features which are more or less similar to MS Excel, makes it prominent to be one of the best apps for the iOS. It comes free with every new iOS device, and can also be purchased if you do not have the one. It has got beautiful templates, text, images, styling options, import/ export data features and much more. Also, the beta version has come up with more sharing and collaboration features which have taken it to one step further.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 4.1
Version iOS 11.0 Or Above
Size 438.01 MB
Developer Apple
Genre Business & Finance

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