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On paper, the latest app from Matthias Eiban© QXXQ Studios, an easy to use awesome full 360×180° panorama creator was something that a lot of people were excited to get onboard with. I mean, in today’s world of immersive 360-degree panorama now a part of Facebook and VR technology growing by leaps and bounds, it is hard not to get excited about an app that claims to almost do the work of making a panorama for you. The OSMOPano app for the iPhone and iPad is marketed as: “OSMOPano is the easiest way to create awesome full 360×180° panoramas for Facebook, your website, and Google business / Streetview. It comes with an integrated stitching-feature! Do not worry about hosting and embedding your pano in your website. OSMOPano brings all necessary tools with it.”

But the question is: Does it deliver on its claims of being the easiest app out there for creating panoramas? In addition, is it fully equipped with all the necessary features in one app?


OsmoPano iOS App Features

Priced at $29.99, OSMOPano is on the more expensive end of the spectrum for lifestyle apps, or any apps for that matter, which means that for the developers it is extremely necessary for them to back their claims and deliver on their promise. Going in, I expected OSMOPano to practically to do the work for me. Understandably, OSMOPano is full of interesting features that if work well would make OSMOPano an exceptional tool for the photographer and videographer. Let us see how they did.

Compatible Devices

OsmoPano works with the OSMO cameras Use X3 / X3Z / X5 / X5R, it can be mounted it on a dripod and can be controlled over WiFI. The OsmoPano only works with DJI OSMO devices which for some can be extremely restrictive, however, due to the popularity of DJI OSMO cameras the app did fairly well as far as catching OSMO user’s eyes

Controls and Settings

The app comes with auto-configuration as well as the option to choose your own settings. This is the part where people started to face the most problems, many users have reported facing problems with setting up their preferred changes and working on auto configurations is pretty restrictive for most users.


Ease of Use

The biggest claim the developers have made for this app is its ease of use, and according to me Matthias Eiban© QXXQ Studios has delivered. Giving credit where it is due of the execution was perfect OSMOPano would have been the easiest and simplest method of creating stunning panoramas that can be used on Facebook, embedded on websites and more.

The sad thing is that people are reporting issues like stitching problems and problems adjusting the HDR setting, which has really affected the success of the app.

User Interface

This is the aspect where the app seriously lacks, and even after many up-grades the messy user interface is a problem that continues to put users off. The poorly designed UI needs some serious attention from the developers if they have any hopes to retain and reel in new users.

What Other Users Are Saying

Realistically, there no app in the world that is perfect hit or a complete flop among its users, and it is fair to say each app has its strengths and shortcomings. In the case of the OSMOPano, it seems that the shortcomings seriously out-weigh the strong points of the app, which is unfortunate because Matthias Eiban© QXXQ Studios really have a great idea on their hands with a lot of potentials. A majority of users have reported problems with the app which is why the app has received a poor rating and average reviews.


Free Trial

OSMOPano is not a cheap app with a one-time price tag of $29.99, however, Matthias Eiban© QXXQ Studios are offering a free 7 day trial period which is backed by a no questions asked money back guarantee. This is extremely useful for people who would not want to waste money on an app that does not work for them

Bottom line

Considering all things, I have ended up giving OSMOPano a below average rating, but I genuinely believe that Matthias Eiban© QXXQ Studios really have a great concept, but there is a lot to be done to confidently say that the app delivers on its claims. So, I guess we will have to wait and see where the developers take it from here.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.0
Version Requires iOS 9.2 or later
Size 63.6MB
Genre Life Style

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