What can be better to have a podcasting app that is absolutely FREE? Yes! Overcast is your podcasting app that offers tons of features for absolutely FREE. Overcast Radio, LLC has specially designed this app so that everyone could easily enjoy podcasting with worrying about the cost. Overcast has taken podcasting experience on a whole new level because with Overcast you would be able to enjoy several features that only paid podcasting apps to offer. This is obviously one major reason for the popularity of Overcast. In this review, you will get to know about how Overcast gives other podcasting apps a run for their money.


Overcast iOS App Features

You might think that because Overcast is a free app, it would be a simple app with a few limited features, but I may break this to you that Overcast offers a ton of features that will make your podcasting experience amazing. Some of the Overcast’s include:

  • Download whenever and wherever you want, it does not matter whether you are online or offline, you can easily download podcasts on your Overcast app
  • It offers easy, one-touch searching feature which helps you find podcasts according to your own personal preference
  • The app also recommends podcasts that are being popular on Twitter
  • The app recommends popular podcasts category wise and also recommends episodes collection wise.
  • You can create customized playlists, and add, delete, and prioritize your podcasts easily
  • Overcast offers notification feature as well, which means that every time a new episode will arrive of your favorite podcast, you will be immediately notified
  • You can download a sleep timer as well, which will keep your episodes on-hold till you enjoy your sleep
  • You can increase the volume of the voice-over and decrease the background sounds according to your preference
  • You can also play your podcasts at your preferred speed, as Overcast offers 2.5X and 3X speed options
  • You control your playlists with your Apple Watch as well
  • Overcast also offers CarPlay Support that allows you to play your playlist on your car audio/video system
  • The app offers 3D touch support, and also offers dark mode.

These are some of the most prominent features of Overcast, though there are several surprise features for you, so you should give this app a try.


Overcast gives customized playlists a whole new level. With Overcast you can have types of playlists: 1) Regular Playlist in which you can add your favorite episodes according to your preference; 2) Smart Playlist in which the app auto selects the episodes according to your preferences, you just have to guide the app about which podcasts do you prefer and the app will keep the playlist ready for you, you can also direct the app to queue the episodes according to time or date.



According to the users’ reviews, being an ad-supported app is one of the major drawbacks of this app. Users complain that sometimes using Overcast becomes a hassle because the app has an abundance of ads. On the contrary, some users are not at all bothered about ads on Overcast. So, to know whether you would like or dislike ads on Overcast, you would have to give this app a try. The good thing is that Overcast offers a premium version for only $9.99. The premium version is completely ad-free and it comes with a few additional features, so you would be able to enjoy your podcasts with more features without any disturbance. Though, $9.99 might seem a bit too much to you; but this is a yearly investment, so in my point-of-view, it is absolutely worth it!


In May 2017, Overcast Radio, LLC has released the updates of this app, apart from fixing several bugs, they have also introduced a new High-Speed Playback feature. With this feature, you can increase the speed of your podcast to 2.5X and 3X speed, so that you are able to quickly finish your episodes.

User Interface

Sharp, clean and simple – is the best way to define the user-interface of this app. Overcast Radio, LLC has made sure that the everyone can understand the app without any problem that is why you will not experience any unnecessary graphics in the app. The app is simple with to-the-point interface which enhances the user-experience.

App’s Popularity

There is no doubt that Overcast is a widely popular app, the main reason behind it popularity and its 4.5 out 5-star rating is that it offers a wide range of features and a great podcasting experience for FREE. Yes, the app does have ads, but the top-notch user-interface and the amazing podcasting experience compensates for that.

Bottom line

If you love podcasting, but you are not ready to pay for it, then Overcast is the best app that you would be able to find. It is FREE and it is jam-packed with amazing features that are offered by paid apps only. You can create custom playlists, play sound with your preferred volume, play episodes with your preferred speed, control your podcasts with your Apple Watch and do so much more with one single app for free! What else do you want? And if you want an ad-free experience, you can purchase the premium version for a more enhanced experience. In conclusion, I highly recommend this app if you want to start podcasting, and you are not sure about whether you should or should not invest in it.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 4.2.2
Version Requires iOS 10.2 or later
Size 11.26 MB
Genre News & Magazines

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