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Pixlr is an in depth photo editor that gives a lot of options and ways to edit your photos. It’s great for editors but not so much for the average user.

Taking/Importing Photos

The initial screen has 3 options to choose from. Taking a photo from the camera, importing  a photo from the gallery or cloud storage and creating a collage.

The camera interface isn’t simple. Tap on one of two unidentified symbols on the base of the screen to get to the modest number of pre-catch Effects.

Swipe to attempt every filter out on the live perspective of your picture or tap the X to take the photo with none.


Pixlr offers an amazing choice of effective tools and filters which can all be balanced utilizing a Fade (or force) slider.

A couple can be brushed on locally to parts of your photo. A bar of symbols at the base of the screen sorts the application’s tools into Adjustment, Overlay,  Borders, Effect, Type, and Stickers.

Pixlr Mobile has a large number selection of tools that when that menu is chosen, the symbols cover a large portion of your picture. Notwithstanding normal photography functions like Contrast, Crop, Auto Fix, Color, Brightness, History Brush and Red Eye,  Adjustment incorporates fun imaginative tools, for example, Color Splash or Doodle.

Pixlr has lots of filters separated into Creative, Vintage, Unicolor, Soft, Default, Subtle and Too Old.


The border libraries have ten categories: Rounded, Pattern, Ripped Paper, Squared, White Ripped, Fil, Default, Grunge, Ink, and Nature.


Correspondingly, there is a decent catalogue of text styles and Stickers that can be added to your photo, moved, resized, turned and such, however, there’s no Fade slider for the text.


The Collage category is efficient and simple to utilize. Select two to ten pictures from your iPhone/iPad Gallery. At that point, look over among a choice of designs, pick a color for the background, modify the space among your photos and utilize a slider to give the pictures adjusted corners as well as change the proportions of your overall general collage.

Tap a picture to replace it, apply any of Pixlr’s alter instruments, or physically rearrange the pictures into various areas on the design. You can likewise zoom into any of the photos and move it inside the placeholder to show just a bit of it.

Use Double Exposure, which will combine two images using an opacity slider and blend modes.


In our testing, we found the user control to be extensive. For example, we utilized the Focal blur on our iMac to create a bokeh effect. Focal blur controls enabled us to choose the exact portion of our photo we needed to keep in focus, where we needed the blur to start and the level of blur.


In our testing, we found Pixlr to be an excellent editor. The only thing that needs work is the help and FAQ directory.

As far sharing goes, you can share photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Excellent for enthusiasts and power users but difficult for newbies due to lack of a dedicated help section and cluttered interface.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 3.3.7
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Size 83.05 MB
Developer 123RF Limited
Genre Photo and Video

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