A few of my latest reviews have been the best photo editing apps in different categories and today, I share with you a review of Pixomatic, a layer based image editor for the iOS by the developers Qube LLC. Priced at $4.99 the editor allows you to work easily with layers, I am talking separating a foreground image from its background, amazing double exposure effects, repurposing objects into another designer all in a simple to use iPhone and iPad app. So, in the right hands, the Pixomatic can be used to create wonderful and creative images.  

With all these cool features, one thing is for sure – Pixomatic is unlike most other image editing apps out there. This app has been featured by Apple in “Great Photography Apps”, “New Apps We Love” and the “Share the Fever” on the App Store in more than 20 countries. The advanced tools that were once only available in software like Photoshop have now been simplified enough for smartphone users are really impressive, to say the least, so when I learned about this app I had to test it for myself.

Latest Update

The latest major update of the Pixomatic brought even better tools, the update that hit the app store in the beginning of May 2017 had the Hair Tool that will allow you to select, mask and easily cut out even the trickiest hair, this was a first for any iPhone or iPad image editing app. This review is about the features in the latest version of the app: 3.3.2.


Hair Tool:

First things first! Let’s discuss the hair tool which by far has to be one of the most impressive tools I have come across in all the image editing apps I have used. This showcases how advanced image edition apps for smart phones have become. You can find this tool under the refine tab, and I guess it makes sense to put it there because with this tool you will be able to extract the fine details of the subject’s hair, something that was not possible previously with the original cutout tool in the app. Here is what the developer has to say about the cut-out and hair tools in Pixomatic: “Pixomatic is the first-ever mobile app that brings desktop level quality for selecting and masking images. Now, you have no problems with cutting out even the most difficult picture elements, including hair! Smoothly select and mask even the trickiest hair edges.”

Easy Cutouts:

This is the feature that puts Pixomatic on the list of the best image editors out there. The simplicity of the Cut-Out and Combine tool is impressive; you can easily select an object in the foreground by drawing an outline around it and separate it from the original picture, then combine it with another picture. I was pleasantly surprised about the accuracy of the cutouts considering that you are using the feature on a small screen of an iPhone or iPad and not on a desktop computer like you normally would.


The brush tool is among the advanced tools the app offers; it allows you to have better control of what you want to edit without altering the rest of the picture. You can change the size of the brush by pinching the image to zoom in or out, enabling you to make precise changes. You can also choose the strength of the changes you are making. For example, you wish to increase color saturation of the background of the picture you are editing, well with the brush tool you can do it without increasing the color saturation of the rest of the image. Also, you can erase and reduce the saturation using the same tool.


Another standout feature of the Pixomatic and its claim is that it allows you to work easily with layers. I would go as far as to say that working with layers is the easiest and simpler on this app than on any other app with the layer feature. Working with layers allows you to achieve a more professional looking result, but there is a learning curve involved.


What image editing app would be complete without a few interesting filters and Pixomatic is no exception. Although there are not a lot of filters in the app, there are some that have the potential to transform your image and give them an artistic look. The art filters are great but not enough for the filter obsessed.

Double Exposure:

Another advanced tool that can be found in this simple to use the yet powerful app. With the blend tool, you can merge two pictures to create some really interesting and creative images.

User Interface:

The quick to download and simple to use app has a clean user interface that makes it suitable for beginners. All the different tools and features have been organized cleanly in the app and everything is labeled and easy to find. To get started simply choose a photo from the phone gallery and start editing, quick, easy and simple.

Bottom Line

So is the Pixomatic worth the five dollar price tag? Yes, definitely! However, do not expect this photo editor to completely replace other photo editors because you will still need one with filters, beauty tool for selfies and detailed brush editing, but if you want to create images that are creative, different and stand out by using cutouts, extraction of foregrounds from the background and repurposing the images then Pixomatic is the app for you, you will get your money’s worth here. After using the app and playing around with its features for a while, I can understand why this app is so highly rated by its users, its advanced features, and ease of use warrants a near perfect rating.


Compatible DevicesiOS Universal
Version Off App3.5.2
VersionRequires iOS 8.0 or later.
Size146 MB
Genre Photo and Video

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