This app is golf tracing app.  This app helps to track and improve the game of golf. This can be useful for golf player as it helps them to measure and compare their goals. This app helps to improve judgment of a player. This is the smoothest and mind blowing app for a golfer. This app helps to record the video of the shot and after recording it helps to analyses the video. By this golfer can improve their game and it helps in their tournament. This app helps to understand the game better. This app records and show shot in slow motion so that golfer can understand and can learn from her/his mistake.


Shot Tracer iOS App Features:

There are a wide variety of features in order to golfer plan and understand the game better. So in order to achieve its aim, this app has all features which make it easier for its user to access and analyses information about the shot. We will look them in detail.

Shot Traces Capabilities:

This app can the ability to trace the shot. The shot should be recorded by iPhone or iPad camera and should be initially be saved in camera gallery. This app then has a feature to trace the shot by analyzing the app. The app has the capability to view a video in which shot was recorded in slow motion so that it helps the golfer to understand shot and can evaluate better. Slow motion compatibility is for 120 FPS and 240 FPS videos and special slow motion system for exporting 60 FPS videos into slow motion. Moreover, it has the capability to trim unnecessary part of video automatically which helps the golfer to trace the app. It has the ability to trace golf shot automatically. It has the ability to record multiple shots in video and trace all shot. This app has the ability to trace the ball as long as it sees the ball so one has to make sure that camera is still and focus.

Moreover, this app helps to change the frame and do changes in our video to analyses game better.

Shot details:

This app can give short details about shot. The biggest problem to a golfer while playing is that has he covered the distance and how much more distance has to be covered by a golfer in order to hit the shot in the post. This app able to calculate the distance and it allows us to add that distance to the video we had recorded. This app allows us to add the distance covered by a club and then helps to measure your shots and then find your average distance for each club. Knowing your average helps you to know how good you are at a game and it helps to compare and compete with your club. Moreover, it helps to us to know the speed of the shot as well. Speed is a key factor because it will affect the distance so by using this app golfer can control the speed and will eventually help to ace the game.

Shot Comparison:

This app doesn’t have Shot Comparison feature, which means it cannot compare one video of shot with other.  This the facility which this app doesn’t provide so the users cannot shot his good shot with bad one. If this facility would have been provided to its users then it would be complete package. Nevertheless, there is no other app which is providing this facility which means that shot Tracer is not behind and is not providing something which is provided by others.


This app able to customized and make it personalized app for its user. This app has a feature to fully customized color and width of Shot Tracer. It has the capability to customize the game. It allows you to change a color of the ball. It has the capability to add lines in the video which help you to analyses the shot. This app gives freedom to customize game in understanding it better. It allows you to use the slider to set impact frame in the video.


Share Option:

The video made can be shared in social media such as on Facebook Instagram and other social media forum. Sharing on social media helps because it peoples interacts and learns from each other mistake. The video sharing can be useful as it helps the golfer to understand and analyses video better.It does provide watermark facility too but it is charged extra.

Other Special Features:

There are many awesome and interesting features. It allows adding shadow effect in the video. It enables to add show effect in order to trace shot better. Moreover, it enables to measure the total distance covered by a shot. It allows watching a video in HD mode which means that there is a better resolution to facilitate golfers.

Bottom Line:

This app is fantastic for the golfer. It provides everything a golfer wants to improve the game. Tracking and tracing the shot is perfect for a golfer. Especially it provides small details about the shot distance which are useful because the distance is most useful information a golfer can get. Moreover, It allows to analyses the shot in very detail and an analyzing tool is has lot of features to go in detail and find about shot. This app allows tracing your ball flight and movement from most any angle. It allows to trace shot at home and improvement tournament. After using this app golfer can improve and in fact did improve their game by 100%(one of them) (Apps Menow, n.d.).Many consumers who didn’t use this app initially criticize this app but after using this app and using all of its features they changed their opinion about the app.

However, this app is $6.99, which is expensive app relatively. Moreover, Google play store has the same type of app but at the cheaper rate. Moreover, they sell water mark separately for $4.99, which is a lot they are charging from buyers. This app doesn’t provide a slow motion video to a video of 720p 240fps, which they have to improve.

But this app is liked and appreciated by more people than who are criticizing it. It is an app which is desirable to the golfer to make their game easy. Hence I gave it 4.5 out of 5.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 7.5
Version iOS 8.0 Or Later
Size 461.08 MB
Developer Visual Vertigo Software Technologies GmbH
Genre Sports

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