Developed by Spotify Technology S.A. in 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, the music streaming app holds the top position in its category, due to its clean design, user-friendly interface and a multitude of cool features including offline listening, custom stations, tailored playlists and more. The Spotify app for the iPhone, iPad and other platforms is one of the most widely used music streaming services. With services spanning more than 50 countries worldwide and more than 40 million listeners, Spotify has over 25 million tracks for you to choose from, so there is something to suit every different  mood and different tastes.


Spotify Music iOS App Features

A well-rounded app that has been able to deliver on all fronts, Spotify offers a lot of cool and interesting features. The vast library of music means that at most times I am spoiled for choice, not to mention the exclusive content that you would not find anywhere else except on this service. So, let’s explore some of the features of the Spotify app that you really need to know about.

  • Sound Quality : 
    I must say that the sound quality of the free version of Spotify is pretty great and things get even better in the Premium version. However, for the best listening experience, you would need a good, reliable internet connection and then you are good to go. As a listener, the quality of sound in the basic version suits me just fine and I believe it would sound great to any average listener.
  • Touch Preview For iOS :
    Only for iOS app users, the Touch Preview feature is a great one because it allows me to preview a song without leaving the song I am listening to at the time. To preview any song while you are exploring new music in the app, just long press on the song even if it is on a playlist or an album and you will be treated to a snippet of the track in between the song you were listening to, after the preview, the your original track will continue playing. Spotify users on other platforms are still waiting for this feature.
  • Scrub Tracks From The Lock Screen : 
    Since we are on the subject of iOS only features, iOS users can scrub tracks from the lock screen and control center, this feature is pretty cool because it eliminates the hassle of opening the app just to jump back or forth to a certain point in the song. Lucky us!!
  • Spotify Premium :
    So, the basic version of the app is completely free to download, this is a great way to explore and experience the app, however, to unlock the full potential of the service you should consider investing in Spotify Premium. The premium version includes features such as ad-free music, listening offline, the ability to play the song anytime, on any device and to top it all off you will enjoy better sound quality. The biggest drawback of the free version in my point of view is the ads.
  • Collaborative Playlists : 
    his feature is pretty cool and a lot of fun in my perspective, because it allows you and your friends to add tracks to a collaborative playlist, so, if you and your desired friends are planning a party, you can take everyone’s suggestions in a much easier and simpler way.
  • Sharing is Caring :
    Whenever I find a song that I think somebody I know would love, it is totally possible on Spotify to share songs through messaging apps including the Facebook messenger and Whatapps. To share, simply choose the share option found in the three dots option.

User Interface

Clean, intuitive and easy to grasp Spotify Ltd. has really made the app a joy to use. A nice user interface is one of the most important factors for the success of any app and the Spotify app really aces this aspect. I have been using the Spotify app for a long time now and it has been pretty much problem free for me.


Bottom line

Recently, Spotify has seen a lot of competition that could possibly threaten their status as the best music streaming app out there, however, Spotify’s amazing features and clean design has to allow it to come out on top and maintain its position. With its innovative features and simple design, and constant flow of new and exciting new addition to the app, Spotify is a must have app for any music lover and you don’t have to go premium to enjoy this app but I would totally recommend spending the extra few buck to unlock the premium features.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 8.4.53
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later
Size 152.03 MB
Developer Spotify Ltd.
Genre Music

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