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Tabs and Chords created by Ultimate Guitar is an excellent app for all those guitar lovers who want to learn how to play guitar like a pro. Use this app to learn from the simplest tablatures to the most complex ones. It has the world’s largest collections of chords, tablatures, lyrics and songs for both guitar and ukulele. This app has been developed for all those guitar lovers who want to excel in their passion. This application will give you access to chords, notes, lyrics and guitar scores of over 500,000 songs. All latest songs have been included. Daily updates enable the user to keep updated with the latest hits all around the globe. It is a subscription based product.



This is one of the best apps around the globe for all those beginners out there who want to learn guitar.


With this application, you can learn how to play those complicating tablatures and chords with your ukulele right from your iPhone, iPad, or touch iPod.

This app uses the Bass tabs which allow you to write music without using the regular music notation which is more complicated to read. The numbers which are used tells the player which fret to play and where to place his or her finger. This application is preloaded with thousands of latest tracks for each tab (guitar, bass, drums, etc.)


Interactive Guitar Lessons

So, basically this app features tablatures, chords of more than 500,000 songs along with lyrics and all. you can search for your favorite song, use the efficiently designed fretboard and start playing the guitar right away.

The app  also allows you to search for videos that will teach you how to learn guitar. It is very feasible to use for the beginners.

The app is classified into various genres such as  rock, metal, pop,  or easy. This allows you to choose between these genres and learns the type that suits your style and skillset.

The app is also classified into difficulty levels: for beginner’s level to the advanced level.

Virtual guitar fretboard

This feature allows the learner to see finger positions that are displayed on the guitar fretboard. It enables the user to locate exactly where to place his/her fingers on the fretboard.



You can practice chords, notes, lyrics and guitar scores for over 500,000 songs. Each chord diagram displays notes’ placement on the fretboard and denotes it with a number. This way you can easily know where you are.

You can save your favorite tablatures and practice on them later even if you do not have the internet access.

With this app you can Transpose the chords to a new key: Now you can easily transpose the chords into different keys and try out variation in the chords without any complication. The transpose feature allows you to change the key up to 11 semitones higher or lower. this is a very useful tool for people who have learned the basics of guitar and ukulele. You will need Ultimate Guitar community membership for this feature to work.


Search Option

Ultimate Tabs and Chords lets you search for tablatures not just by the type or complexity, but also via tonality and rating. You can search for the tabs by entering the name of the Band or Song, in the respective fields (or both) if you want to search for some particular song and genre.

Simple search tool

Using this search tab you can find chords and tablatures of your favorite artist or your favorite song.

Search can be listed alphabetically or by popularity.Also, you can search tabs of your favorite band

Advanced search tool

This advanced search tool will enable you to search for specific tablature such as guitar tabs, chords, bass tabs, etc. It also allows you to search for a part of a song, level of difficulty, tuning, and also via ratings.


Record & Share Option

Record and Share your favorite chords, tablatures, and notes with your friends and family. The tablatures, chords, favorite songs and lyrics can be shared by means of a bluetooth device, or you can export tablatures and chords to Dropbox, and share them via email.

Audio effects & Fine Tuning


  • With this extension of the app, you can have access to more than 100,000 original guitar effects.
  • Not only that it also offers its users with Special Tonebridge collection.

Guitar tuner

This feature lets you keep your guitar in tune. It uses the device’s build-in microphone

Other Special Features


With Ultimate Guitar tabs and chords you will never loose any of your favorite tabs and chords since it allows you to auto-synchronize. All you got to do is sign up with Ultimate guitar membership account to start auto-sync and back up.

Tab packs

For the ease of the user, they have uploaded some of the collections of Tabs. You can save these tablatures and get offline access to them later.


This App allows auto scrolling making your learning feasible and much much easier. Now you can auto-scroll up to your desirable speed.

Daily updates

The app is updated on daily basis, keeping the user updated with the latest hits in the music industry. So do not waste your ample amount of time looking for songs of your liking, for this app offers to do it for you.

MDID controller support

MIDI keyboard controllers have become an essential part of the music-creating process for musicians and producers because of the ever augmenting use of virtual instruments onstage as well as in the studio.

Useful Tablature tools

  • Formatted tabs: This newly optimized display format of tabs makes it easier for the user to read and learn the songs.
  • Custom Fonts: Now you can select different fonts for your Tabs from a variety of the fonts at your disposal.
  • Print your Tabs: You can use any printer compatible with Air print mode to print Tabs that you want for safe keeping.
  • “Fit To Screen” Feature: This feature allows the user to display the tabs more easily on his/her Touch iPod, iPad, etc.
  • Export Tabs and Chords: You can now export tabs and chords to Dropbox, or send them via email with just one tap.

Bottom Line

This updated version is an improved version of the application; some minor changes have been included and certain issues have been fixed. So that the users can have the most out of this app and learn how to play the guitar from the world’s best guitar teaching app available.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 4.7.5
Version iOS 9.3 or later
Size 70.29 MB
Developer Ultimate Guitar
Genre Entertainment , Media Tool , Music

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