I am a terrible photographer. Give me the best camera there is and see me fail. This is why when it was the time to review TouchRetouch for iPad my editor told me I was the perfect candidate. “It would be fun,” he said.

So, I download the app and played around with it. Honestly speaking, I was impressed.


TouchRetouch is a basic photo correction app that can remove any wanted objects or defects from your pictures. Got a wire in the way of your subject? Eliminate it with a single swipe. Got photo-bombed? Restore it to the way you want.

This app removes them all in just a few swipes.

Line Removal

Let’s just say there is no line that this app can’t tackle. From hairline cracks to zebra crossing marks, it can flawlessly rebuild the target areas in a photo. In just two taps, you will be able to erase lines from a photo.

This is a very handy feature when you have to remove defined imperfections in a snapshot.

Object Removal

Just like the lines, you can erase objects out of your pictures too. This is particularly useful when you are photobombed. With a few strokes, you can cut that annoying joker friend who likes to spoil everything for you.

But, this tool is not a panacea for all errors. While it may subtract an embarrassment, you have to be careful about the shadows. While removal, the tool can distort objects around the removal area. I would recommend you to edit out simple stuff like street lights or trash cans on solid backgrounds.

iPad Version

iPhone Version

Quick Repair

This should be named ‘Spot Repair’ since this tool can fix small cosmetic issues, like a spot on a shiny car or a freckle on an otherwise perfect face. In some rare cases, it can

For anything bigger than a dot, I would suggest you rather use the Object Removal tool.


Honestly speaking, the app is really easy to use. You just need to swipe over the object that you want to remove and then press “GO”. Yeah, it’s that easy. Should you find it difficult to use, you can always see the tutorials available inside the app.


If you look to take pictures, I would suggest you should download this app. TouchRetouch for iPad is excellent for minor edits and touch-ups. It nicely cleans up zits, removes small objects, and eliminates anything you do not like. For the functionalities it provides, the price is nothing but chump change.

iPad Version

iPhone Version


Compatible Devices iPad
Version Off App 4.1.8
Version Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPad
Size 24.1 MB
Developer Adva-Soft
Genre Photo and Video

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