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An app dedicated to connecting beer lovers and aficionados, where they can share their reviews and ratings of beers and bars, Untappd is a beer-centric social networking app. First launched in 2010 by Untappd, Inc., the app has just recently had a complete makeover of its user interface, the developers claimed to have made major changes that are designed to improve user experience and make the app cleaner than it previously was. This recent announcement about the update peaked my interest in the app and I decided to explore it. The free to download geo-social network app hosts over 7 million users across the world and is available in 5 different languages.

Untappd-discover iOS App Features:

Untappd is not a complicated app, its main focus is to connect beer lovers with like minded friends and other beer lovers, it is also a place where people can rate beers they have had, also review venues they have visited, share pictures of their beers, earn badges, give suggestions to friends and also know what their friends are drinking. The concept really capitalizes on the current craft beer trend, according to the reports and recent reviews of the app, there have been some major changes, lets’ talk about some of the latest features


The most important aspect of the app and the service it provides is to help users explore and discover new brews and learn about the most popular venues around them serving top rated beers. The feeling of excitement that comes from chasing down a new or even a hidden brew house or a local beer is what this app is all about, think of the discovery feature as Pokemon Go for beer hunting, can you try them all



The app also rewards you for drinking enough of a certain beer or visiting a brew house frequently through badges. These just add an added layer of fun to the app, if the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from discovering a new bar or brew was not enough for you, well now you can earn badges for your commitment and love for beers.

Know What Your Friends Are Drinking

Untappd is basically a social app so it is all about sharing your experience and thoughts through reviews, ratings, check-ins, and pictures. Similarly, you can also add friends to your list, and get updated when they share their beer drinking experience in your news feed. Also, you can suggest beers and brew houses to friends.



Every beer lover has a wish list, and if you are into beer then you will have it too, so why not share it on Untappd with the app’s Beer Wishlist feature.

Unconventional Travel App

This relates to the discovery aspect of the Untappd, if you are traveling or on a holiday so why not check out the local beer scene by exploring the top rated beer houses or brews in the area. It can be a great way of exploring a city in an unconventional way, know what the locals are enjoying and at the end of the exploration, you may have a cold reward waiting for you and maybe even a new badge.

Verified Venues and Events: In the new update, the developers have added “verified venues” and “verified events” tools, which are most likely Untappd’s way of making some money by collaborating with different venues and events. There are some good and well-known suggestions in these lists.


User Interface

After the update, I think the app seems cleaner and simpler which is important. With the option to sign in and set up an account using Facebook, I am enjoying the new version of Untappd a lot.

Bottom line

An overall well rounded app for beer lovers, with a simple interface, lots of nice features and tools to explore that help you find new and exciting venues, events and brews all dedicated to beer. I would suggest that you get this app if you like beer or if you are traveling and would like to local explore bars and brew houses without Googling it. The app is simple, fun and engaging, therefore, it gets a thumbs up from me.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 3.3.0
Version Requires iOS 9.3 or later
Size 80.14 MB
Developer Untappd, Inc
Genre Food & Drink

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