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Vectornator Pro: The $7.99 App Gone Free

If you are even remotely into vector-graphics and are looking for a powerful app for your iPhone or iPad, you need to check out ‘Vectornator Pro.’

Why give it a shot right now? Because it used to cost $7.99 but now it’s gone free! It could be this way for a limited time only, so I suggest downloading it right this minute.

Vectornator, on top of carrying tons of impressive features, creates a complete workflow on your iOS device. One of the most useful options of this truly powerful app is the ability to export your creations to Adobe Ai, something virtually no other vector app on the App Store does. I personally believe that the ability to export desktop level graphic designs to Ai file makes this app a strong tool that’s more than just a toy for frivolous scribbling.

Here Are a Few key Features of Vectornator Pro :

Ability to alter strokes

My calligraphy teacher might get a heart attack if he saw how simple and intuitive it is to change the strokes on this app. You just drag the given points and the job is done. What’s even better is that you can always add more control points for the precision in alterations. No need to make the strokes repeatedly to attain perfection. This feature is highly useful for drawing whether you are trying to make a logo, user interface, or virtually anything.


64-bit architecture

In terms of canvas size this app is fully capable exploring a full 8K canvas with a multitude of objects and still generate zero lag, that too in the comfort of your beloved portable iOS device.

External keyboard shortcuts

Vectornator does not amputate shortcuts fully from your vector editing experience. The app uses ‘ctrl’ and ‘shift’ buttons on screen to carry this out. This is no small step towards generally how smooth the overall experience with the app is.

Creative Cloud integration

You can easily makes jumps to and from Adobe Illustrator CC, this makes Vectornator a big part of your workflow instead of a tiny isolated component that is impressive in a few ways.

Multiple Export Formats

Apart from the Adobe Ai exports and Adobe Illustrator CC connectivity, this app also supports output in PDF, PNG and JPEG among other formats.



Along with the Adobe suite connectivity and multiple export formats, if your output is in grayscale and you are working on Vectornator, you don’t need to worry. Just turn on the CMYK switch and you can easily preview the output as it will be seen in grayscale.

The amount of features, power and potential this app provides on the portable and simple iOS platform with stupendous levels of connectivity is just jaw-dropping for the low price of free. So what are you waiting for? Give it a go!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.6
Version Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Size 88.13 MB
Genre Productivity

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