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This app was developed by Joseph Riquelme, a graduate from University of California in 2006. He discovered his passion of video editing and wants to make video editing easier for a number of people. So he designed the app which makes it easy to edit any video. He wanted to allow the users to personalize the video with ease, therefore he added many features such as fast editing tool, fillers and many other things. This app gives almost all the basic features to facilitate its users. Videoshop is user friendly and it allows users to edit virtually everything in the video.

Videoshop IOS App Features:

Videoshop video editor has a wide range of features which it  provides to its users. The main purpose is to make video editing easier for users and in order to do that it provides all features which are required for video editing. We will look at them in detail.

Video Maker:

Videoshop has a lot of diversity. This app allows us to edit all types of video. It lets us make slide-shows from different images. Images can be chosen from our photo library or from the library of Videoshop, for free. It gives us variety in video orientation, the option to be choose from landscape, square or portrait. If landscape orientation is chosen it allows to change the background of the image. Moreover, it allows us make a video which may have images or videos. It allows us to use the combination of video and images in the output as well.


There are variety of themes available within this app. Several themes are preloaded when one purchases this app. These themes allow us to give signature look in the video. They include breaking new, classic, vacay, and speaker / music video which gives a unique look to slideshow or video. There are many themes which are frequently updated with the app. Many apps are free and one doesn’t have to pay extra for those theme but there are few themes which are special and one has to pay a nominal amount.



There are ten transition available in this app which are flash black, fade to black, cross fade, flash white, fade to white, slide left, slide up, slide down, shrink and grow. This transition is really unique and it is the only app which provides 10 transition and by using these transition our slides get personalized. Duration of images will be shorter when transition is applied, speed of transition for an image can be changed though. Each slide in a slideshow can have a different speed, duration and different transition as well.



Sounds can be added to the video by using this app. One can choose music from their own library or from the libraries that comes with Videoshop. There can be more than one music or audio clips used in the video. One can insert their own audio recording in the video thought using this app as well. Any recorded sound can be inserted in the video such as of animals, fish, and birds. The app also allows us to remove unwanted background sounds.

Editing tools:

The editing tools are the special feature of this app. There are many special features such as the tilt shift option which control the focus on the video screen. Sometimes focus of the video has to be adjusted and tile shift helps us  maintain focus in the video. Trimming is also one of the editing tool that helps edit the video. It helps us edit the length of the video clip and remove any unwanted part of the video. This is an essential need of our video. In editing tool, there is also an option of adding a sticker in the video, that sticker can be from mobile library as well as from an online source.

Text Editor:

There is an option of adding text in the video or slide show. Text has lot of variety not only in font but also in color. The text can be added anywhere in the video, be it the beginning of the slide, middle or at the end.

Share Option:

There are different sharing options in this app. This allows you to share your videos on all social media such as Instragram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook like any other video editing app. Moreover it suggests hashtags on its own depending on which social platform it is exporting to. Video also uses different markers for different social media websites, making it a practical option for people who usually post videos online.


Other Special Features:

There are many other features such as image chosen for video that can be edited individually by using adjusting tool such as brightness, saturation, vibrance and shadows. The video can be saved in reverse and can played in reverse as well.

Once the video is complied, theme of the complete video can be changed by using the filter editing tool. There is a feature which can merge multiple clips into one. It has the option of cropping the video, in which we can reframe the video within video frame.


Bottom Line:

This app can do everything a user wants for video editing. It is satisfying the user by providing all the features which are essential for video editing. This is one of the few app which is able to provide so many features. After using this app user doesn’t feel need of any more app, it is an all in one app for video editing.

However, there are some disadvantages attached with it too. This app has so many features that many are not known to the users, than what’s the point of providing a feature to users that they don’t know how to use. When new features are introduced users have no video/tutorial within app which enables them to use that feature. Apart from lack of tutorials or documentation, Videoshop is a pretty decent app.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 7.3.5
Version iOS 8.2 Or Later
Size 94.05 MB
Developer Jajijujejo Inc.
Genre Media Tool , Photo and Video

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