It is an education related app. It is designed for children to enhance their mathematics skills. It helps children to master the basic operation in mathematics which are, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It focuses on basic operation and then moving towards thecomplex level problems. Xtramathapp helps to recall the answers rather than counting on the fingers. It shows the problem to a student and student have to answer it within 3 seconds. It provides progress report after the activity and this report can be viewed by the parents/teachers. Children cannot make any excuse that they are overloaded with work already and cannot take extra classes because, activities on Xtramath app take only 5 minutes, a day and in ensures sharpen student’s math skills. Many students and parents are using it and experiencing improvement in their mathematics skills.

XtraMath iOS App Feature:

XtraMath app is a well- designed app which tries it’s best to build math skill. It is designed by professionals who have a teaching background, so they are well aware of child development. Since we all know that math can be improved through practice, Xtramathapp is ensuring that by giving daily activities which are refreshing and revising concepts.


Xtramath app is available is many languages like English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.

Search Option:

There is no search option in XtraMath app. XtraMath follows a fix pattern, it has activities starting from basic level and difficulty level increases as student clears an operation



For Student:

XtraMath app has a unique way of giving practice questions to students. It does not want to burden the students hence, the activity only requires ten minutes per day. Activities are timed practices, each question has to be answered within 3 seconds and if a student answers it correctly within 3 seconds he/she gets a smiley face. Maximum time allowed for every question is 10 seconds, if student answers correctly within 10 seconds, it gives a green tick. After 10 seconds, it reveals the answer to the student. If an answer is correctly answered, Xtramathappgives another chance, as there is a possibility of typo error.


After completing the activity, students are given their score report which reflects their performance, its main purpose is to motivate students. However, it can be frustratingfor many students to see their poor performance every time, and failing more than 100 times. So it can be a demotivating factor forstudents. After completing an operation students get a completion certificate, to give a sense of achievement to the student

For Teacher/ Parents:

For the teachers, there is a full curriculum set on XtraMath app which they can follow. XtraMath app maintains a record of all students who have been registered by the teacher. The teacher can see the progress of all students in the class anytime she wants through accessing the app. The teacher can request for an email, which reflects detailedperformance of students. By using the app teacher and they can trace students’ regularity of completing the activity.

For Parents, they can either make their own account to trace their child’s performance or if Xtramathapp is followed in school so their child will receive a flyer in which children’s tracking id is given, this allows parents to be fully aware of child’s performance


Student socializing through Xtramath app is not possible. Every student has his own activities and reports performance. Xtramath app doesn’t give an opportunity for students to socialize with each other, or have a healthy competition. However, XtraMath app allows the teacher to share the performance of his class with another teacher. It gives facility to share even individual student performance with another teacher. This is to facilitate teacher so that they can discuss any student performance if they feel like.

Video Tutorial:

There is a video tutorial for first few activities in which teacher is guiding how to use Xtramath. These tutorials are for new users of XtraMath so that they are aware of how to use it and get familiar with the app and its operation. After few activities video tutorial ends and then only teacher’s image appears before starting the test. Teacher’s image can be removed if it is distracting for a student.


Other Special Feature:

XtraMath is an app which wants to help the student and doesn’t want to burden them. Therefore, XtraMath allows teachers/parents to change the setting of the time limit of the questions, for example, teachers/parents can increase the timings from 3 seconds to 5 or 6 as per their child’s requirement. The app is free of advertisement spamming and it doesn’t advertise anything while the student is doing an activity.

Bottom Line:

This app is useful to brush up the concepts which we already know. XtraMath doesn’t have a long, lengthy activities which burden a student however it has activities which take less than 10 minutes each day so it can be incorporated in students daily live. Moreover, it acts like a revision exercises for students as the topic are already covered in their school. It provides a daily exercise which refreshing their mind and doesn’t make student forget the concepts easily.

However, if a student is not able to perform well in XtraMath activities despite he/she has a good understanding of the topic but cannot handle the time pressure which is attachedto it. This can be frustrating for a student and he can be demotivated by this. Furthermore, activities are boring and drying there is no interesting factor, which will attract students towards XtraMath activities. XtraMath activities are undoubtedly helpful for a student and can enhance students’ mathematic skills but it should be interesting and engaging. For example, after 5 activities there should be one activity which should not be directly asking a question of math, but should be indirectly addressing math question by using a puzzle or a picture story.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 3.20.29
Version iOS 8.0 Or Later
Size 74.33 MB
Developer XtraMath
Genre Education

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