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“An endless snowboarding odyssey” for iOS maybe one of the most beautiful and exciting endless runner game that you have ever experienced. Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful premium endless runner game that has the concept been taken from famous ‘Ski Safari’. Join Alto and his friend as they made an endless snowboarding odyssey.

A game that is an easy to learn but a difficult to master. Above on a mountain’s cliff, there is a village located, a bunch of Llamas escapes the village and Alto the boy has the responsibility to bring the lost Llamas back to the village. The game resides in a charming world that experiences beautiful weather conditions, such as day and night, rain, sunrise, and sunset are presented to you in an artistic way.



Alto’s adventure is definitely an amazing runner game and following is the detailed reasoning of each feature as to why you should give it a try.


Besides, Alto the main character of the game, there are 5 other characters (each with their own special attributes and abilities) and each you can unlock after every 10 levels you succeeded.


Maya is the second character that will be unlocked in the game at level 11. When it comes to speed, she struggles a lot but is an expert in back flips.

The third character to be unlocked in this great never ending runner game is Paz. He will be unlocked at level 21. He is slow but has great momentum but struggles with back flips.

Izel, the fourth character of the games unlocks at level 31. She is the creator of all the amazing gadgets available in the game and wears rocket boots.

Felipe unlocks at level 41 his special ability is double jumping that often comes handy.

The last character of the game is Tupa. He unlocks at level 51 and is definitely worth the wait and effort. He is the master of all other character’s abilities such as momentum, back flips, double jump and wears rockets boots too. He can also be revived by chasm once per run which makes him better than anyone else.



Since it is an endless runner, your game wouldn’t stop unless you hit an obstacle. Collect coins, collect Llamas travel a long distance and get your high score! that is what it’s all about.

The only level it has is for the player to reach by mastering skills. For instance, each level has three goals, beat the goals and level up. This is the simple trick. The inspiration for completing the level goals are the amazing characters that get unlocked after every 10 levels the player surpass.


Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of Alto’s Adventure is not something that you can set but yes it is a difficulty that you can beat easily by mastering your skills using the various characters available throughout the game. Let’s just call Alto’s Adventure compelling because it will make you addictive for beating your own score as well as your friends’ score.

Alto’s Adventure iOS Gameplay

As the boy snowboards down the cliff he will find a certain amount of Llamas, coins spread in his path and a bunch of obstacles (rocks) that are needed to be avoided. All you have to do is jump over the rocks, collect the coins and Llamas and get a high score.

The gameplay of the game is pretty much inspired as you know already from ‘Ski Safari’, therefore background is seen with sunrise, sunsets, raining over the mountains. Tap to start the game Llamas escape and your snowboard character Alto follows them down the mountain. As you see a rock coming in your way tap on the screen and the character would jump over it.


Graphics & Sound Effects

The Graphics and visuals of Alto’s Adventure are easy on eyes and differs from other endless runner games in a good way. The visuals are somewhat soothing and allow you to keep playing and score high as long as you want to. The sound effects are also nicely embedded into the game.

Other Special Features

About the standout features: Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics based gameplay. Besides that, the workshop with all the gadgets and upgrades also gives the player great inspiration to get as much coins as he can. So, that he can upgrade the gadgets to get even high score.


Bottom Line

Alto’s Adventure has received much acclaim and is an attractive game, in fact, makes you addictive to collecting coins, back flipping, snowboarding and collecting the Llamas. The game has been termed with reviews which are such as:


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.6.2
Version iOS 9 or later
Size 147.38 MB
Developer Snowman
Genre Adventure , Never Ending

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