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Angry Birds have been the game that has left its mark on everybody’s heart as well as on their minds. With the sequel to amazing strategy shooting game i.e. the Angry Birds 2, the developer of the game has just made sure that the mark goes deeper into the soul. Angry Birds is a highly addictive game and with continuous updates, it becomes really hard for the player to stop playing it in any way. For instance, the recent update has changed the angry birds to holiday (Christmas) theme. Surely many people will now spend their holidays playing all time favorite game.



Angry Birds are here and ready to avenge the pigs as they have stolen their eggs are now hidden behind their structures that they think might save them. Angry Birds launched in 2012 and by January 2014 was regarded to be downloaded about nearly 2 billion times. Angry Birds has been the most mainstream game and people said it to be “One of great runaway hits of 2010”. Angry Bird’s success is the “Largest Mobile app success the world has ever seen”.

Following are the detailed analysis of the features offered by this game:


Following are the main characters of Angry Birds 2:


The main character in the Angry Birds 2 is Red same as in the previous installment of the game. Red is no doubt the leader of the flock and carries the title of Angry Birds with full justice to it.



He is another bird with yellow color and he is extremely good with woods. Additionally, he is very fast.


The Blues

Blue is a little bird, if you tap on it after shooting in your desired direction then it will split into three birds. This bird is really good with ice. Though he seems quite handy for breaking through ice yet he is useless against heavy materials.



If I have to explain Matilda in two words then I will name her the “explosive spirit”. After shooting if you tap on her she will lay an egg that will create a massive explosion.



Just as the name suggest, he is the bomb bird. He will explode any time after shooting if you tap him. In case, you don’t tap him then he will explode on his landing.



Terence is a big chunky bird. He does not have any special power but has strength through which he can break through almost anything in his way.



In comparison to other birds, Silver is quite new and difficult to work with. She has the ability to create a loop that allows her to break through blocks easily while completing her loop.


Each level has a different pattern of puzzles that require sheer skill to pass on to the next level. Angry Birds 2, comes up with many new things introduced that are new bird abilities unique spells and puzzling boss fights. The spells are limited but very powerful. Spells can bring much success to you if used correctly. The game has enhanced visuals and perhaps a new gameplay mechanics. It provides much better weather effects along with choosing your own bird cards from a deck unlike the previous version and each bird has his special skills.

With the recently updated version, the game offer all new 80 levels in Pigfoot Mountains and in the Central Park areas.

Difficulty Level

The game similarly to the previous version requires your skills to strategize your way through every level. Keep your calm and patience composed this is a game needing skill as each level is logical and might require the best of you to make your way through.

As soon as your bird is launched tapping on the screen while it is mid-air activates its skills. Another thing is the game has a timed lives system which is 30 minutes per new life, and things get very bothering at times.

Sometimes clearing to another level seems impossible as the game is easy to play but difficult to master. The game is designed in a way to make user fail again and again and use real money to buy and unlock different things, well that is how they earn, don’t they? Ravio the game developer are certainly after money as they’ve put obstacles that weren’t necessarily just to push you towards cashing in specialties of the game.

There are four kinds of difficulties in Angry Birds 2 namely,  normal level, hard level, boss level and score level.


Angry Birds 2 iOS Gameplay

The game offers a new feel through its gameplay because of the bulk of new things it has to offer. However, the core part of the game remains the same i.e. you are required to launch birds using a slingshot in the Pig Fortresses. The launch can be carried out by simply touching the bird in the slingshot and dragging your finger backward, adjusting the shot and then allowing it to shoot by simply ending your fingers touch.

Graphics & Sound Effects

Angry Birds2 has unique fun providing gameplay with the same comical style and has much-improved graphics than it’s predecessors blowing up of structures has never seemed that good before simply. Considering the gameplay of Angry Birds 2 it has been so far the best of Angry Birds yet. Newly added features such as boss fights, fans, flowers make the game a lot more fun.

The sound effects are what just adds beauty to the whole experience of playing Angry Birds 2 and I will recommend you to play the game with sound on.

Other Special Features

There are many special features available in the Angry Birds 2. In previous Angry Birds games the order of birds was set but in this game, you can choose the order as per your strategy while playing a level in the form of cards. Another great feature is the newly introduced star rank. The star rank allows your birds in possession to rank up by playing campaign levels or The Nest.


Bottom Line

If you had a good time with Angry Birds, then you would surely love the game. In conclusion, if you had your time good with Angry Birds then you are simply not going to stop yourself from enjoying the latest edition of Angry Birds. The game is definitely worth playing and a good time killer.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.20.2
Version iOS 9 or later
Size 537.25 MB
Developer Rovio Entertainment Oyj
Genre Puzzle

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