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Asphalt 9: Legends


Life would have been easier if it worked like Asphalt 9: Legends. My boss would never give me a pep-talk on being reckless. If you are looking for a driving game that is focused on winning, then Asphalt 9 is the perfect one for you. With official automobile designs from Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini, this arcade-style race game features more than 70 iconic locations in over 800 races spread across 60 seasons.

Asphalt 9: Legends Gameplay

The newest installment of Asphalt has two parallel gaming streams merging into one profile. To begin with, you need to create a career. In order to progress ahead in your career, you need to join a club as well as complete 8-player racing matches. Due to social nature of this game, you would require a stable internet connection.


The game has only one rule: Drive as fast as you can to win. Nothing else matters. You will start at the bottom with cars, like Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and go up to obtain super-fast automobiles, like Ferrari FXXK or Lykan Hypersport. You can bump, scratch, or destroy other cars in your pursuit of becoming a legendary racer.

However, all living legends need to perform stunts because driving in straight lanes is boring. You can fly off a ramp or nitro your way out of a close competition. Of course, you need to drift like there’s no tomorrow–and if that’s not enough, you can do a 360 too!

All of this fancy driving will get you in-app rewards to help you in unlocking blueprints for faster rides. There’s a way of obtaining your blueprints faster, but I’ll come to that later.


It’s racing, Clash of Clans style! At the beginning of your career, you won’t be able to join (or create) a club. However, once you have passed a few milestones, the game allows to be a part of one.

Once you belong to club, you can unlock a set of new in-app rewards based on the collective performance of your clan. You will also become a part of multiplayer event where you can win all sorts of game-related prizes.


In order to make driving easy, Gameloft has made a legendary move. The game now comes with an auto-driving mode titled TouchDrive. Under this new mode, all of your cars have Tesla-like driving algorithms. Your ride will move on its own. You will only control the stunt-making actions. Talk about Elon Musk goals!

Honestly speaking, the TouchDrive mode is a blessing if you are new to the Asphalt series. However, it makes the game a bit too easy. As a player, I started following a pattern of jumping off the ramps and powering up the nitros.

Just to challenge myself, I turned the Manual Mode on. Let’s say it was not pretty. I was legendary bad. So, I asked a friend who is better at such games. He said that the tilt was “a little slippery”; however, he also added “practice makes you perfect”.

Graphics & Sounds

Polished is the word. While driving through 70 majestic neighborhoods and breathtaking landscapes, you will sometimes forget that you are playing a game on your mobile. The cars look sleek. The detailing is marvelous. The camera angles are as a cinematic they were made for a Hollywood movie. You can literally scream “eat dust” to your competitor as you zoom past them.


The soundtrack multiples the thrill of your chase. While Asphalt 9: Legends features songs from established electronica icons—including Moby, Ummet Ozcan, Nicky Romero—and rock bands—namely The Score and Prophets of Rage, Gameloft packs the soundtrack with tunes created by their in-house team. The sounds effects are on point as well.

Sadly, there are no ‘radios’. This means you are stuck with Gameloft’s selection of songs.

In-App Purchases

For some reason, Asphalt 9 has three different types of in-app currencies. Tokens are the most important since you need to buy them with “real money”. Then, there are credits that you can get by using tokens. Then, there is an option to trade blueprints.


With tokens, you can buy card packs to help you build a hypercar like McLaren P1, Ferrari Laferrari, and several others. With credits, you can upgrade your car with better acceleration, tighter grips, and more powerful nitros.

The in-app purchase starts from $1.99 and maxes out at $19.99. Moreover, you can also avail exclusive deals that comes with a “uncommon” car’s blueprint, a trove of tokens, and a cluster of credits.


Battery Usage

Since Asphalt 9 has a graphic-driven gameplay, you can expect it to be pretty draining. A 10-minute session eats up 10% of your battery. That’s an average. On iPhones, the game heats up the device a little which you may not even notice.

Final Thoughts

Is it a good predecessor of Asphalt 8: Airborne? Yes, it is. However, it’s more than a follow-up title of a popular series. Asphalt 9: Legends begins a new age of car racing games on mobile devices.

Instead of complicated controls, the game encourages you to guide your cars instead of driving them. It resonates with the future where self-driving cars would be the norm. Therefore, get a taste of the times ahead by downloading Asphalt 9: Legends on your iPhone or iPad.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.0.1
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 1.5 GB
Developer Gameloft
Genre Arcade , Racing

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