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A not so uniquely programmed game, Assassin’s Creed Identity is a continuum of Assassin’s Creed series created by Ubisoft Blue Byte and distributed by Ubisoft. It is the second versatile selective game in the Assassin Creed‘s series to be discharged after Assassin’s Creed Pirates, and the first mobile adaptable to join the third individual urban traversal-style gameplay as found in the fundamental console titles. It was at first released as a free of cost game in 2014 for New Zealand and Australian App Stores. The diversion was launched globally for on iOS software on 25 February 2016 while months later the Android adaptable version was discharged on 18 May 2016.



Assassin Creed Identity has a lot to offer to the game lovers who would love to spend their time furnishing their mental skills and enhance their reflexes and acumen. Some of the brilliantly designed features are explained below.


The most incredible feature that sets this game apart is the allowance for the players to modify their characters. They can choose from four classes each specific with the needs and have different skills. The four classes include: the battle orientated Berserker, the stealthy Shadow Blade, the handyman Trickster and the coordinated Thief. Each class has its own particular arrangement of aptitudes and advantages, similar to Splinter Bomb and assault redesigns for Berserker and Smoke Bomb and reputation updates for Shadowblade, which can be opened through cash and expertise focuses at the ability tab. Ability focuses are earned by step up, and utilizing enough expertise focuses opens another tier of aptitudes for every class, with four Tiers add up to. Every Assassin can have both an essential and auxiliary class, with the optional class opened through cash. The player can likewise open various Assassins through coin, in spite of the fact that the Inventory is shared among Assassins. In the stock tab, the player can prepare Swords, Chest Armor, Pauldrons, Hidden Blades, Leggings, Insignias, Boosts, and Outfits. Helps are purchased in the shop, and give impermanent buffs. Things can either be purchased in the shop, earned in-diversion, or created utilizing Blueprints at the Forge tab, and give detail increments to the player. Outfits can be opened through Achievements or purchased in the shop, and gives buffs and an alternate visual appearance for the Assassin prepared.


In the shop, players can utilize the Heroic Shop, Items, Forge, Boosts, and more tabs, including IAP tabs. In the Heroic shop, players can spend Tokens to purchase better Ranks. Every rank opens more troublesome Contract missions, and also three things, for example, Outfits, new maps, new Contract modes, and the Thief class. Certain things and outfits can be purchased in the shop, Boosts can be purchased in the Boosts tab, and the player can make new things in the Forge tab.

Assassin’s Creed Identity iOS Gameplay

The game is built amid the Italian Renaissance and portrays specific areas, for example, the Colosseum in Rome, Firenze, and Monteriggioni, etc.

Gameplay is more or less like the first Assassin’s Creed. I did not feel a vast difference between the first series and this one. Like in the previous serials, the player’s character can perform parkour by running towards climbable dividers, slopes, or walls, and will itself perform parkour upon contact. The Assassin can likewise mix into different individuals/structures by either squeezing the Action option or directly running into blendable structures/objects. In order for him to blend, the character must be in Alerted status or below it.You can kill a character by tapping the Action catch when a close-by watch has the Hidden Blade symbol over his head. Amid battle, players can assault, square assaults, utilize abilities, or leave the battle. Be that as it may, a few abilities can’t be utilized as a part of the battle, and leaving battles has a cooldown. The Assassin begins off at the Anonymous status, in which typical watchmen disregard him. On the off chance that the Assassin figures out how to break threatening gatekeepers’ observable pathways or is doing suspicious acts, the Assassin enters Alerted status, in which ordinary watchmen watch the Assassin nearly, yet don’t do anything. Amid battles or when running from the irksome guards, the Assassin is in Wanted status, in which all watchmen are after the Assassin and attack him without hesitation. You can alter your status back to Anonymous status by removing yourself from the sight of the alerted guards or by blending into objects. Be that as it may, the Assassin will definitely be assaulted without any hesitation in some Restricted Areas, by some Templar opponents. Amid battles, the player can likewise summon aid from those whom he have hired, which relying upon class, have an expertise and a latent upgrade. In any case, if the player utilizes the hireling’s ability, the worker can never again be utilized for the mission, and the upgrade is invalidated. Players can likewise utilize the notable Eagle Vision and Leap of Faith amid missions.


Difficulty Level

Each task assigned to you has its own level of difficulty depending upon how far are you in the game.


It is a level based game, meaning you progress through the game by completing tasks assigned to you. In each level you are assigned different types of missions. such as the Campaign missions  and contract missions. In case of campaign mission, it provides the gamer with opportunity to earn XP, and coins by completing the task assigned within the respective time frame. Campaign missions basically leads the story of the game. Whereas, the contract missions are regarded as the side missions, which you complete to earn XP, coins and even tokens. the objectives of the mission could be anything from tailing someone to assasinating someone.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics are stunningly remarkable, although sound effects will disappoint you to an extent. Nevertheless, the amazing graphics will put you in trance filled experience. The architectural resemblance to the Italian Renaissance provides the user with an ethreal experience.


Other Special Features

The most unique feature giving this game an edge over other games is the fact that you can customize your character, and choose from different classes,  which makes them more suitable for the mission.

Also, you can enjoy this game in multiple languages other than English such as French, German, Spanish, etc.

Bottom Line

Although you won’t be as excited for this series as you were for the previous one, you still would love to play this one. My suggestion would be to give this one a try as well.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.8.6
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 2,421.61 MB
Developer Ubisoft
Genre Action , RPG

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