Badland 2 is a stunning world of puzzle video game i.e. a sequel to Apple’s award-winning game named as Badland. The game fall under the category of puzzle – survival, where the player must fly around to survive from the smart traps and obstacles that are scattered throughout the world.


Many reviewers have defined this sequel as better than the first one and stunningly beautiful but now in this review I will take you into a more detailed journey, where we will not only understand and talk about the gameplay or visuals but also discuss the character, levels and every teeny tiny other special feature it has. Let’s take a look below:



The main character of the game is the same black fluffy or furry creature that was leading the player in the first installment of the game. The name of this black creature is unknown but the player is in charge of it to fly around and complete the level. The character seems like a shadow with white eyes, I would have compared it with Limbo if it was a human but it is not like anything I have seen before. When I first started playing, I thought that this creature might be flying with his big ears, later it seemed like they are his feats. Though, I found this strange, nameless character cute.


By seeing the screenshots or trailers, many may get idea that it is may be a never ending survival-runner game like Alto’s Adventure. However, it is not. It is a level based game and consists of five different areas with ten levels each namely, awakening, jungle, inferno, infinity and a one new area has just released the latest update of the game on January named as Warpzone. This new area come with ten more new exciting levels to keep the players entertained.


Difficulty Level

It is not a game whose difficulty level can be adjusted from settings. Nor I found that its difficulty gradually increases but I think there are some levels that you come across from time to time that will take more than 2 3 tries to finish. Additionally, just as the game progresses it becomes a bit tricky to acquire all three eggs at the end of the level.

Badland 2 IOS Gameplay

The gameplay is beautifully simple and easy. It is a two touch fly game. Touch on right side and the creature will fly to the right or touch left if you want it to go to the other side. The gameplay is extremely simple, you may encounter many things while playing the game; boulders, grease like liquid, blades and much more but once you get the hang of the controls then you can easily survive this.

You will also encounter clones, whom you touch and they will start following you, save these clones too to get all 3 eggs at the end of each levels. Your creature can also grow stronger and bigger by eating orange dots scattered around each level.


Graphics & Sound Effects

I haven’t played the Badland, so I cannot compare the Badland 2 with the previous one. Though, I truly loved the colorful visuals and shadowy characters and obstacles. The sound effects are amazing too and I love playing the game with sound on. I must mention, there are many games that I prefer playing with sound off but for this one I have made an exception because the sound effects are perfectly embedded with the smoothness of the game.


Other Special Features

Everyday many games big or small releases, some make their mark, and others got forgotten easily. The games that players can’t stop playing, usually contain some extraordinary features to keep the player interested. Badland 2 also offers such features. It has achievements to unlock. These achievements motivate the player to play a certain level or all the levels again to rank up the leaderboard. With the new update, Badland offer 42 new achievements and 9 of these are special.

Bottom Line

This game has so much to offer. If you want a good time killer that also offers great gaming experience, beautiful visuals and soothing sound or music then the Badland 2 is highly recommendable.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.4.2
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 123.18 MB
Developer Frogmind
Genre 3D , Puzzle

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