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A Cute Explorer Game Without The Heavy Undertaking

You may be hooked onto Fortnite on your iPad or Witcher 3 on PlayStation, but not everyone out there is up to taking such heavy undertakings. Some of us like a game that doesn’t require our complete dedication and have us on high alert all the time. A quiet relaxing game does the trick for us lot.

For the latter audience, enter Bimbleborn.

Bimbleborn ipad

Bimbleborn is not your usual iOS casual game. You can’t just casually press a finger here and there and expect to progress. And yet, paradoxically, it’s as casual as tapping here and there and discovering things here and there. It’s a mixed breed that’s hard to explain; you have to pick your iPhone or iPad up and play it to understand.

Bimbleborn till you’ve discovered every inch of the maps… if that makes any sense!

Bimbleborn gameplay

Bimbleborn iOS Gameplay

However, it’s not all just tap, tap, and tap. There’s tons of quests you have to embark on, interact with many characters, and basically just discovering all the adventures hidden in places you’d hardly expect.

Oh, and it’s an open world with a dozen locations to explore. And along with that, you have two storylines you can journey on. And it all flows in an easy flow as already pointed out, so there’s no way you can get frustrated by getting stuck in places or not progressing. There’s plenty of dialogues with the NPCs you meet throughout, and it all makes it an interesting quest. They guide you, give you information, and just marvel you with their abilities.

Bimbleborn iphone

You can play the game both in portrait or landscape mode depending on your comfort level. You don’t get that with most games, do you?


You can buy the game by shelling $1.99, which is a fair price to pay for a game loaded with so many fun elements and an amazing world to discover. What’s even better is that the game requires no internet connection to play. And in a world where all the apps prefer to stay connected (to collect data or show ads), such games are a breath of fresh air.

Worth it?

Of course. Didn’t I already say the price is fair for a game that can provide so much fun and entertainment in such a small price? I did. So if simple and light hearted games are your thing, Bimbleborn is a must-have resident on your iPhone and iPad’s screen!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1
Version Requires iOS 8.0 or later
Size 173.3 MB
Developer Matt Jogela-Hall
Genre Adventure , Entertainment , Kids Games

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