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All the adventure lovers are transfixed as I come to you with yet another review of a fantastic adventure game. There are monkeys, balloons, and sharp objects, so what could go wrong? Apparently nothing. And that’s the amazing part of it. It’s a game that took inspiration from the originally released game on 31 st December 1969.

It’s a series of tower defense games produced under the series of Bloons and developed by Ninja Kiwi. Initially made to be a browser game but expanded later to work for different mobile operating systems including iOS.

The Bloons are back again, and this time they all mean business and there’s no tricking them around. Build amazing towers, hire tactful and witty Special Agents and grow your army and start popping those balloons and keep the Bloons at bay.


This game comes with amazing features as listed below.


The enemies in this game are the Bloons which are various types of balloons, all having different capabilities.

To fight against the Bloons are the special agents and towers and they also have powers unique to them.


Bloons TD 5 iOS Gameplay

The Bloons are back with more fierce determination. But you shouldn’t worry because you have a whole army of smart and intelligent individual agents to defend the tower. You need to keep the Bloons at bay by popping every last invading Bloon. You need to construct new towers and recruit agents with unique abilities to build up a strong and resilient force against the invaders.

The gameplay is quite similar to other tower defense games so it will be easier for people who are familiar with such games but it is exciting, and it will keep you gripped for hours. All you need to do is pop all the balloons termed ‘Bloons’ in this particular game who are invading your premises my putting towers of different potential between them and allowing the towers to destroy the balloons.

The towers pop the balloons or ‘Bloons’ through various ways and techniques, and as you go further into the game reaching higher levels, you will find yourself given a unique power of sticking the ‘Bloons’ together to give the towers some time to that they can pop and eradicate them. Popping those balloons will help you earn money which you will use to upgrade the towers and buy more special agents and capabilities.


Difficulty Level

The game is not innovative but it is very interesting. It is like every other tower defense games. So similar that the developer didn’t even bother with a tutorial. Hence, it will be quite a simple task to play for players who have already been playing games such as this one. But for those who are new to all of this, hang in there a bit, you will get around it after the first few levels as the game is not that much difficult to understand nor it is as much exasperating.

So it is quite simple to play but a bit challenging for the users to make it more fun and to keep them hooked.


There’s no limit to levels. There are infinite rounds and you keep on playing as long as you keep yourself safe from losing the game.

The levels here are termed as rounds and as you go forward their difficulty increases challenging your abilities to deal with Bloons more and more.

When you proceed further into the levels you will be earning coins by popping balloons or ‘Bloons’. You can also set the difficulty levels for each round which are four to be precise and there are five types of maps of difficulty. As you go on further with the increasing difficulty type on the map, more lives will be costed and the upgrades for each tower will require more money hence increasing the difficulty more and more.


Graphics & Sound Effects

Bloons TD 5 was release in 2011 with improved graphics, variety of towers, different levels and additional upgrades. Although the graphics and animations and effects are bit of amateurish the game is all in all very addictive.

A very interesting thing about this new version of the Tower Defense Games is that the addition of three new and different sound tracks along with a theme music.

Protect Monkey Town, Monkey Lane, Z Factor, Space Truckin’, Main Street, Archipelago, DockSide, Death Valley, Downstream, Slalom, Drag Strip, Castle and The Eye, all have a blazing, jarring, jungle-like theme.

Snake River, Brick Wall, Park Path, Switch, Jungle, and Tunnels all have the original theme music playing in them.

The rink, Lava Fields, Fireworks, Crypt Keeper, Bloon Circles, Mount Magma, The Great Divide, Lightning Scar, Clock and Bloontonium Lab have a mysterious, intriguing and dark and Cimmerian sounding music theme.


Other Special Features

Special features include a brand new tower – The Heli Pilot, Radadactyl –The exclusive new special agent, The Monkey Lab does research on new upgrade techniques, Tier 4 – The specialty building has new updates, 18 new high-powered towers with unique and special abilities, along with 2 upgrade paths and 22 new and refreshing soundtracks with 10 individual missions and over 250+ random missions are all in store for you. Moreover, there are new Bloon enemies waiting for you I.e. Bloons that can regrow, Camos who are tougher than ever and the ever powerful and lethal ZOMG! There are 50+ achievements and all new challenges, just for you.

You will be surprised to know that there’s an all new iCloud support too. There is also the free play mode which comes right after you master track.


Bottom Line

This family friendly game has made a powerful comeback. It’s a treat for all the Tower Defense Games fans out there. With loads of new features and towers and special upgrades and an infinite number of rounds, it keeps the player gripped for hours.


Compatible Devices iPhone
Version Off App 3.15
Version IOS 6 Or Later
Size 125.09 MB
Developer Ninja Kiwi
Genre Adventure

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