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Rockstar Games officially launched Bully: Anniversary Edition for $6.99. It’s the successor of the 11-year old Bully original launched more than a decade ago for PlayStation 2.

Rockstar Games continues its tradition of creating an innovative and trend setting game play with cheeky story lines, and Bully: Anniversary Edition seems to follow this tradition quite well. It’s an open world third-person adventure game, which comes with more characters, missions, and items which can be unlocked, from Bully: Scholarship Edition.

This game is a replication of Bully: Scholarship Edition which was critically acclaimed, with more enhanced features, graphics, and gameplay. The game controls are touch friendly and it comes with a multiplayer option so you can play the challenges against your friends and family.



Bully: Anniversary Edition is a rich content game with a detailed storyline. Let’s look at its features to give you an overview of the game.


Following are the main characters of this epic game:

James Hopkins

James “Jimmy” Hopkins is the main protagonist of the game. He is a 15-year old boy who was sent to Bullworth (a hostel) by his often remarried mother and her new husband. He had been expelled from various schools due to his bad behavior and it was his last chance to avoid juvenile detention.

He is not very tall but is reasonably stubby. He has brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and a ginger buzz cut. During his journey, though he had a wide variety of clothes, tattoos, and haircuts.


Gary Smith

Gary Smith is one of the main characters and the main antagonist of the game. He has a very bad reputation in the school and once described as a sociopath as well. He shows traits of narcissism and paranoia and despite being mentally unstable, he’s very observant. He is very manipulative and calls everyone “friend” regardless of his real intention towards them. He plans to take over the Bullworth.


Dr. Crabblesnitch

Dr. Crabblesnitch, the headmaster of Bullworth Academy, is also one of the main characters of the game. His character is portrayed as a stereotypical hostel headmaster. He is a stern looking person, with brown and gray hairs, usually dressed in an old-style brown suit. He takes great joy in keeping the permanent records of students, and reciting from them when the student is sent to his office for punishment.



The game can be divided into five areas. Each of the areas contains the side missions, which include storyline missions as well as storyline missions. They also contain a crafting system and inventory of weapons, which contain things from slingshots to spud gun and a baseball bat, along with normal stuff like the camera and flashlight. All the levels, which come with up with their new chapters, follow a continuous storyline.


Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty of the game is, usually but not necessarily, increased after every mission just slightly and gradually increased after the completion of one area.  This game allows you the playing interface like GTA city, so the difficulty level is up to how you play the game and handle the situations.


Bully: Anniversary Edition iOS Game Play

It is based on the original Bully story. The story revolves around a mischievous 15-year old Jimmy Hopkins, whose not-so-loving mother and her new husband dumped him off at a private boarding school, Bullworth Academy, a corrupt and crumbling prep school. The objective of the games to stand up to bullies beat the jocks at dodge ball, get picked up by the teachers in the class, win or lose a girl, and to summarize, survive a year in the wicked school.

The school contains stereotypical nerds, preps, bullies and jocks. It contains Map, Status, Stats, Inventory and Upgrade option in the menu. The game windows show the clock on the left side and map on the right side of the screen. The prefects and a “trouble meter” are also available to keep your annoyance and mischief under the check. Once you exceed the trouble meter, you get busted.


The classes include several mini games (conducting chemistry experiments and making words from scrambled letters). This game gives you a very realistic sense of time passage as it does not only cover the school period but also covers the morning and afternoon periods.

The marketing of the game hinted about the gameplay revolving around being a bully and causing disturbance and violence in the school, however, in the reality, it’s quite different. The all-conclusive objective of the game is to bring peace to Bullworth Academy, creating harmony between different coteries, and making everyone like you by creating a favorable reputation. The storyline is very near and incredibly linear with lots of twist and turns.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics of Bully: Anniversary Edition is really gorgeous. It comes with a dynamic lighting, shadows and particle effects. The high-resolution texture makes it visually appealing to play. The game runs very flawlessly, but settings of graphics and frame rates are available for older devices.

The sound quality is also great. There is voice over of every line of dialog. The whole things feel real due to the humorous chit chat around the school yard. It shows kind of resemblance of rambling around the GTA city.

Other Special Features

Multiplayer support

Bully: Anniversary Edition comes with a multiplayer mode. It contains “Friend Challenges”, which are head- to –head classroom and arcade style mini games, solving the word problems in English, dissecting a frog in a Biology lab, to name a few.

It works cross platform and you can challenge your friends anywhere with turn based multiplayer Friend Challenges. You just need to play on the go and you will get a notification when it’s your turn.

Cloud save

Bully: Anniversary Edition contains a cloud save system which allows you to seamlessly continue your game cross-platform with cloud saves via the Rockstar Games Social Club.

Controller support

Bully: Anniversary Edition movements are handled via virtual joystick and array of buttons, which are placed on the left and right side of the screens respectively. The game does not need much exactness most of the time, though you might feel little uncomfortable in some action-packed scenarios.

Good news is that MFI controllers are totally supported. Moreover, if you are playing this game on iPhone 6S and greater class devices, you can capture the gameplay with ReplayKit. This option, in my opinion, is a better way as it gives you comfort and feels more natural while playing.

Bottom Line

To conclude, I must say that the Bully: Anniversary Edition has significantly improved and comes with an excellent graphics and additional gameplay, and worth a try. Whether you are new to this game or played its former versions, you’re going to enjoy this action packed journey.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.04
Version iOS 9 or later
Size 2,301.59 MB
Developer Rockstar Games
Genre Action , Adventure

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