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Back to the age when we just used to play space runner computer games using our keyboard and found those bit difficult to reach to the next level or to get finished. Well, as progressing with the new technologies, Chameleon Run is a unique and fast auto-runner game which will refresh your childhood memories of these sorts of auto-running games. The huge difference lies in the fact that Chameleon Run is a colorful game that is well-designed, fast, and bit challenging game which you will love to play. The prime objective is to keep up with the matching colored lane or to change the color with the lane’s color accordingly. Here, we shall get to know more about this exciting, tricky, and vivid game; as it is also on the Editor’s choice board.


The game is composed of different features so as to fit it perfectly into the engaging and user-addictive iOS game. Let us get a closer look and get a clear picture of a game.


The Game consist of Single player mode. There is only one character in this game. The Cube like a 3D character is an auto-runner which solely runs through the whole game. The character has following characteristics including running, jumping, flying and switching Lanes.
Moreover, the character can change the color as per required



The game is multi-level oriented. The game has got many levels. Each level has three objectives which a player needs to accomplish to complete the level. Each level has designed to meet specific endings which can only be achieved once you get done with meeting the three specified objectives.


So what are those three objectives?

  • First one is to finish level
  • Second is to collect all coins or crystals in that level
  • The third one, which is now an actual challenge that you have to complete the entire level without switching between colors.

These objective are interesting to achieve. Moreover, they completely change the insight of game playing.

Difficulty Level

The game gets harder after with each increasing level and offers a different degree of difficulty. The challenge includes more challenging colored-paths, large distant spaces between two paths, scattered crystals in different lanes and so on. Each level has been marked with the time taken to finish that level.

The levels can be completed with less difficulty by unlocking lightning bolt speed burst and the hover board. Speed burst can be unlocked by completing first two objectives, and the hoverboard can be unlocked by meeting the third goal. In this way, you can run much faster and with minimum time to finish the level.


Chameleon Run iOS Gameplay

Now here comes the basic gameplay, in which you have to run, jump, and fly towards the finish line i.e. the end of the level. Throughout your way right from the beginning, your goal is to switch your color as same as the ground color while running, jumping, flying or landing into a particular colored lane. The game has two basic colors on around which the whole game rotates; pink and yellow.


The game consists of simple basic controls and can be played by using thumbs only. There are only two controls, one is used to change the color, and the second one is used to jump. If you want to double-jump, then you have to tap the button two times. To play the game, you have to tap your left thumb to change the color to match with the ground, and right thumb to jump. The game is all about jumping and switching between the colors, and as you move further to the advanced levels, the difficulty increases which let you make quick use of the game controls to catch the pace of the game. You have total two jumps in a row unless you touch the ground so that again you will become eligible to make two jumps in a row. The additional jump can be acquired via tapping on the head of a character. Double jumps, long jump, single jump, all are the different jump techniques that can be used as per the level requirements and also to beat the time.

The only thing to avoid is those black obstacles in your way. That’s it! And prevent from falling too.


Though it sounds bit easy that all you have to do is to keep running without bothering to jump or change color as long as you are on the same colored lane that your character has. But efficient use of your thumb and quick judgment is what is required in this game. The co-ordination between your judgment and fingers do the wonder while playing this game.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The game seems very colorful and attractive at first sight to captivate user’s interest throughout the game. The graphics have been designed smoothly, beautifully and in a stylish way. The whole 3D structure is captivating and the user can enjoy the game for the even long course of play. The flowing animation, super smooth and attractive graphics are being loved by all age groups.

The game has great sound effects which keep you engaged throughout the game and makes gameplay interesting for you.

Other Special Features

Top on Leader Board

To come on top of the leader board, the advanced players are required to beat each other in the battle of time; it could possibly be done by sticking to the single color for the entire level and finish it without changing the color even once!

Well Designed Mechanics

The game is very well designed with perfect mechanics for unique jumping via simply tapping or tapping on the head. Game mechanics are pixel perfectly designed.

Bottom Line

Chameleon Run is a perfect game. If you are an arcade game lover or even if you are not, we bet that you’ll surely love this game. This fast paced running, and jumping game which is all about changing and switching colors is very straightforward and attractive game. The game is also not expensive at all,$2 is nothing if you want to have a fun time and entertainment time pass on your fingertips. It keeps you captivated by its amazing graphics and fast gameplay techniques. We recommend you to try at least once this game, you may like it too.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.5.1
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 95.04 MB
Developer Noodlecake Studios Inc
Genre Action

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