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Are you ready to be bamboozled by a seemingly simple yet mind boggling game that has the potential to give you many minutes of entertainment and a challenging gameplay that you won’t soon forget, only if you are determined enough to not let your frustration get the better of you. If your answer is yes! Then I would suggest you go for the puzzle platformer game by Kenny Sun – Crica Infinity. A game so simple in its essence yet so complex that there is a big chance that you might turn away from the game due to frustration, but you will come back for more later! Let the game take you on a unique trip jumping, running and dodging demons in what seems to be an endless number of circles in an engaging gameplay that I quite frankly have a hard time comparing to the other games I have played in the past.

Priced a $2.99 and developed by developers Kenny Sun, Circa Infinity hit the app store a few years back and since then it has won the praise of players, reviewer and critics alike for it apparent simplicity, after all, you are only running around in a bunch of circles, yet its complexity that will challenge even the best mobile gamers and take them to a point of exhaustion but is never unfair or dull.



In Circa Infinity you will be playing as two nameless characters, their stories are unknown, what will these characters get out of this is also a mystery so there is not a lot of focus on the actual characters or their story. You will also encounter demons in the game and in the final part a few bosses and that is about it.


The game has 50 levels, and these 50 levels are divided into 3 distinct sections each harder than the other. So the game continues to get more challenging as you play. The first section is designed to get you in to grips with the systematics of the game, everything comparatively easy, the demons that you must dodge are also not as challenging, however the difficulty level increase in the second section as demons become more intelligent and are now able to flow you in the direction you are running and this obviously makes it harder for you to dodge them. Finally, in the third and in the final section has the boss battles that are the most challenging because this section has a learning curve of its own on top of what you have learned previously, but nothing that cannot be learned with determination after a few tries.


Difficulty Level

Even if the premise seems simple enough Circa Infinity is by no means an easy game, do not be fooled by the concept and the look of the game that may appear simple on the first look, because this is as unique and creative as it can get with a bunch of different colored circles. It is quite a difficult game and something that I think only a handful of people will enjoy so it not fit for all ages. It is also not a game that you would want to play when you are distracted, you will not be able to succeed by playing mindlessly. Circa Infinity requires your full attention so do not go for it while you wait in a line or on a commute.

Although the game may be high on the difficulty level, there is a huge redeeming feature that when the demons get you, you do not have to play the entire game from the beginning this saves you a lot of frustration. You have simply pushed back a level whenever the demon gets you, furthermore, there are various checkpoints scattered across the game especially before the really difficult parts which also ensure that you do not end up losing all of your progress. Phew!

Graphics and Sound Effects

I am a little divided here because the graphics of the game are eye-catching simple and crisp yet they can also feel like a sensory overload at a time, especially when you have been playing for too long or you are frustrated. The game has old-school DOS days like graphics with a modern finish that serves the concept of the game just fine. There are various color combinations that you can unlock as the game progresses but initially, the combination is pretty monotonous – black, white and red. My suggestion would be that you try different combinations out because some are easier on the eyes than other and a few were just too colorful to bear.

There is also music playing in the background that matches the quick pace of the game but again it can also feel a little exhausting after a while. Taking frequent breaks is recommended if you do not want to tire yourself out.


Bottom Line

If engaging puzzle platform games are your thing then I would say go for Circa Infinity, but be ready to overcome a constant learning curve that adds to the thrill and excitement of the game. There is never a dull moment with this one so bring your full attention and set aside at least 20 minutes to play this one. This one really is for those who love a good challenge.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.0.0
Version Requires iOS 5.1.1 or later
Size 133.00 MB
Developer Kenny Sun
Genre Arcade

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