Well to tell you guys the truth in all honesty, I was not sure what this game was about or how it will turn out. Will it be addictive and will it hold a separate place of its own in the gaming world or will it be like one of those games which I play for a while and then end up uninstalling because it is not interesting enough for me to play till the end.

I downloaded the game with quite a lot of anticipation. When I started playing it, it gripped me with its distinctive gameplay and idiosyncrasy. The developers although on a low budget have taken a huge risk in developing the game. The game comes under puzzles but what sets it apart from other riddling games is its theme. The theme of the game is without a doubt peculiar and noteworthy.

RAC7 have made their point that no matter how low the budget of the developer is, the game can be outstanding and it can be extraordinary and absolutely distinctive too.



The game reminds me of DareDevil where our superhero is devoid of one of the special senses i.e. sight. This game also uses the sense of hearing rather than sight because it’s a dark world out there and only your echoes can save you.


In Dark Echo, you are the main character, you need to depend highly on your skills of echoing through the darkness rather than just sight. You will be met with many dangerous and vicious creatures lurking in the dark whom you have escape and ward off skillfully and tactically.

Dark Echo IOS Game Play

The gameplay of Dark Echo is very unique and different from others. It not only uses the visual effects but it also incorporates sound effects into it too. The whole universe of the game is visually pitch-black, dark and indistinctive. And here the echoes come into play, an echo generated gives away signals which bounces of the walls of the various paths surrounding you. You need to follow those markers and make way through the otherwise crepuscular world.

When I say it is a dark world, I literally mean it because you never see anything as you make your through to the exit except for a bunch of lines of light ensuing from the echoes you are producing. You have absolutely no idea what is lurking in the dark and which way to go, what path you take is a dead end and which path might lead you to the exit door. You never see the creatures and you never see them devouring you as you experience death in the game. The water you are splashing will come of as blue ripples, you will see your footsteps, and as you try to be silent as much as you can, you can never be too cautious because it is after all the echoes that you are producing, guiding you through the dark. And that is the most exhilarating part of the game. It makes you stay alert and conscious of your surrounding.


To me a player’s death in the game, isn’t useless as it teaches us new strategies and when we play the level again it makes us more aware and play more skillfully than before because now we know where the monster hides and we can easily take another path to the exit.

Difficulty Level

The game is based in a dark world where the player knows nothing of his/her environment. And the difficulty lies there, when you don’t know what lurks in the dark and you can’t see anything but streaks of light you become cautious and a bit afraid too. It keeps you on your ends, and makes you wary.



Dark Echo consists of 80 levels adventure filled levels in total that require you to hear with all hear to pass them.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are minimalistic. It uses sound waves which you ‘see’ in the form of bunch of lines bouncing off the walls of the tunnel or a room you are in. Graphics are pretty neat and simple with few visual clues to show you what is going on.

Sounds play a major part in the. You need them to move forward and to know what is going on in your dark surroundings. The soundtrack is incredible and hauntingly beautiful. Your footsteps echo, and create sound signals which help you detect your way. The sounds help you with the limited visual aid. As you play more levels you get accustomed to it and the sounds and the visual arts sync. When you are not moving and are on a standstill then there are creepy sounds of water dripping, frogs croaking, winds howling, monsters growling. And these sounds are enough to scare you out of your wits. As you move forward you will understand just how much echo your feet produce while walking that can endanger your life and save it at the same time.

I need to make one thing clear that although it depends majorly on the sound effects, it is still not a game for visually impaired people.

Other Special Features

Do you still require special features in this already spectacular game? Oh well, let me tell you some of the things they did with the game.

There is an iCloud support. The developers have added MFi controller support as well. Some of the levels have been improved. There is also a language support for Korean, Russian, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Bottom Line

Although the game has been developed on a low budget but it beautifully encompasses the use of minimalist graphics and sound effects. It is creepy, dark and scary. It gets exhilarating and a tension also builds up too often than you expect in the game. It is unique and the fun of playing and completing this game is exceptional.

So be careful how you tread.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.3.3
Version iOS 5 or later
Size 94.67 MB
Developer RAC7 Games
Genre Adventure , Puzzle

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