You may have played a lot of games on your iOS devices, but once in a while, there comes a game that beats all conventions and flows in a direction of its own. Device 6 iOS is one of those games.

Hailing from the Swedish developer lab Simogo, Device 6 is an insanely fascinating game. Simogo, for starters, is in itself one of the most fascinating studios working on iOS and they’ve really outdone themselves with this puzzle game.

DEVICE 6 iOS Gameplay

The game basically revolves around the story of Anna, a woman trapped in a tower on a deserted island and surrounded by mysteries. The way the story is presented is a superb combination of masterfully crafted prose, cues hidden in audio, imagery that tells more than it seems and puzzles that seem impossible at first. Revolving around these aspects, Anna, our protagonist, has no recollection of how she came to be where she is.


She can see a lighthouse in the distance, and if we have learned anything from watching mystery movies and playing puzzling games, it’s that you should always move towards the blinking lights!

How you move on with the story is the part that’s really intriguing, though. You are not presented with a character that move and interact with their surrounding. Instead, you are shown the story in text form! Words and paragraphs appear like they would in a normal app, but here, you have to focus and linger on every word. As Anna moves, so do the words and texts on your screen.


Twists and Turns

This is where it gets interesting. As Anna reaches, for example, a corridor, the words on your screen stretch across the screen and changes orientation. A spiral staircase of letters forms and turns right and left, and with each turn, you having to turn your device as well to keep up with the story. All this coupled with the words used on screen weaves a sense of isolation and mystery with a requirement of using your Sherlock Holmes like abilities. There’s also this slight sense of espionage from the 60’s with doors locked with electronic machinery and sounds that remind you of the movies from yester years.


And just like the plot unfolds intelligently, sounds and pictures have been used cleverly to give you an idea of progression and hidden clues.

With the game divided into 6 chapters (in conjunction with its appropriate name), which means there’s plenty of brainteasers to play around with and you having to open locked doors for Anna!


While it’s mystery all around, you can still be surprised with the game’s ability to making you use your device and brain in ways you didn’t really think possible. One thing is for sure: not many games require your hardware to be an integral part of the storyline, but Device 6 somehow manages to do that. Not only are you invested mentally, but physically as well!


With a sharp narrative, Device 6 will keep you busy for hours at end till you figure out how to get Anna off the island. It’s as unlike a game as you may have played, and for it’s price tag of $3.99, you’ll find it more engrossing than many other mystery games on the App Store.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.3
Version Requires iOS 8 or later
Size 766.75 MB
Developer Simogo AB
Genre RPG

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