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Crafted with love, Diamond Diaries Saga is one of the best category expansion titles we have seen from the mobile game dev studio, King. While it works like Candy Crush Saga, the game challenges you to think before making a move. This one needs a bit of strategy as one wrong move can land you in a dead end.


You will play the game as Lucy who is a jeweler. Her aunt asks her to coming along on a journey where they complete quests in order to rebuild artifacts.

Let’s get one thing out of the way. This is a linking game. In order to complete challenges, you will have to link at least three charms. Yes, it’s all Candy Crush like. But, it ain’t.

Instead of structured lines, the charms are stacked loosely inside a jar. Therefore, you won’t draw straight lines. Instead, you would thread the colored spheres like a locket in order to make them disappear.

In most cases, you will be removing charms that are in the way of a broken necklace. As soon as the big ol’ amethyst topples over the line of pearls, the level gets complete and you move on. In some levels, you might get multiple broken necklaces.

If you are not fixing jewelry, then you would be asked to collect gems by either unlocking safes, undoing Russian nesting dolls, or unwrapping boxes. Of course, all of this happens when you connect these items with respective colored charms.

Diamond Diaries Saga iPhone

To make the game easier and interesting, you will get a few power-ups and special items. Of course, at first you get these for free and buy additional ones from the gold bars you have.

In-App Purchases

Diamond Diaries Saga is a free-to-play game, but the development team has to earn as well. For this purpose, the match-three puzzler uses gold bars for in-app purchases. If you have gold bars, you can extend the game by unlocking more moves or cut it short by acquiring boosters and special items.

These bars are sold in packets with starting price of $1.99. However, you should expect deep discounts on bigger packages during special occasions like the holiday season.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Let’s say King did not break the tradition with this one. Diamond Diaries Saga has the boxed look of a usual casual game. It does not deviate from the 3D-like, 2D-type world. However, I did find the game fails to pick up the correct charm when you tap on it. This happens rarely though. When it comes to music and sound effects, there is nothing disruptive except for the in-game commentary. Instead of “Delicious”, you will hear “Radiant”.

Bottom Line

If you are done with Candy Crush Saga, then try this one. While it loosely follows the same gaming principles, Diamond Diaries Saga differentiates by asking the game to maneuver a loose setting where just linking up won’t cut it. The game expects you to play smart than play hard.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.1.1
Version Requires iOS 7 or later.
Size 154.1 MB
Developer King
Genre Puzzle

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