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Not Doppler’s known for producing 2D games that keep you entertained and hooked for hours. What they are not known for is producing sequels to the array of games they own. Hence, Earn to Die 2 holds that rare and unique position of being a sequel to one of the games.  What this essentially means is that Not Doppler has to avoid the pitfalls that usually come with sequel games and that sometimes fans refuse to adopt. Not Earn to Die 2, though. This follow-up game to the popular Earn to Die is a solid upgrade and in fact feels like a standalone game given the number of new additions there are. Which kind of means that you should be even more excited about this one!


Game Play

The game revolves around a survivor with a vehicle who needs to reach his destination which saves him from the zombies. As you progress through the game, you get better vehicles with better enhancements, and to shine some light on my perspective, the journey to getting those better vehicles is something I cherished more than getting the better vehicles.

With a small car that can only do so much. But as you drive and empty your fuel tanks, the zombies you kill and destruction you cause to give you cash to get the much-needed upgrades. As you upgrade your vehicles with a bigger gas tank, better fuel efficient engine, and better tire among other upgrades, you get to drive further and with more fury.


However, simply upgrading your vehicle itself won’t do you much good. For all you care, you can close your eyes and press the accelerate icon to keep going. However, even though physics might not be this game’s niche, it still feels great when landing from a good height makes you lose your upgraded protection or your booster. It makes the game far more fun than if your car wouldn’t take damage or your engine wasn’t blowing up.


What it also means is that if you drive well enough, you can eek out a little more distance in the same upgrades and tank size. I, for one, spent countless hours trying to do that just to prove that I’m a great driver. But to truly make the distance, you must upgrade your vehicle to reach the gas stations which act as checkpoints. Nevertheless, I keep hitting the wrong spots, and that destroys my car which means I have to start all over again. It’s so addicting, though, I play for hours at end, and there’s hardly any frustration! To make it even sweeter, once you reach a checkpoint, it’s like you’ve accomplished something, and you just want to keep going on and on, because most journeys are intense and full of zombie-crushing rides.


What’s different in this Sequel?

One of the best things about this sequel is that it has far more content to offer than the prequel. In fact, Earn to Die 2 is 4 to 5 times bigger than Earn to Die which means you get more bang for your buck than before. Also, this time around, which path you take also affects how far you can make it because each path has a different kind of hurdle. As mentioned earlier, the fact that your vehicle takes a lot of damage and the engine can even break down if you are too careless. And along with the journey, the difficulty has also been notched up a little.


However, one thing that may hit you as keep journeying further into the game is that increasing the length of the game doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. As you keep playing and maxing out your vehicles, the journey becomes slightly monotonous and repeats a little.  


What would have been really great was if there were completely different terrains and a mix of super difficult and exciting levels with huge jumps for the added thrill?


Is it worth paying for?

If you’re a fan of 2D games, you like most Not Doppler’s entrants, you’re not looking for a World of Warcraft type of game, and just want an overall fun game to spend your time, then Earn to Die 2 is definitely worth each penny you pay for it. You may be onto a Mad Max Fury type of fun, so it’s something you really shouldn’t miss out on!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.3
Version Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Size 98.00 MB
Developer Not Doppler
Genre Racing

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