Ember is the one of the longest RPG with a stated longevity of 30+ hours (with no IAP). It is certainly a good package of everything you want in an RPG game on your iOS device that comes with a reasonable price. It comes with an engaging storyline, and armor, weapons, crafting and spells to keep you hooked up for quite a while. It pays a good homage to classic RPG games. If you have an iPad or an iPhone plus, this game is definitely worth a shot.


Following are the features of Ember in detail:


Ember epic storytelling is filled with fascinating characters. All the characters have their own significance in their specific way.


Lightbringers are basically the characters; in fact, you would be played as one of the light bringers whose duty is to save the ‘Embers’. While protecting the Embers, you will have to face many difficulties which won’t let you survive for a long time. Lightbringers survive until they caught by a deficit in memory or a damage, which ultimately cause them to die. When they are being live again, their energy is consumed, and hence with each wound, their energy falls gradually which let them die. Their role is to protect the Embers and make the world peaceful by saving the life of Embers.

The character (Lightbringer) has a pause and play style real-time combat. The multiple dialogs with NPC allow the player to craft a personalized storyline.




The game Ember contains over 70 quests with diverse gameplay. It enables the player to choose their own path with the mesmerizing storyline. Initially, you will find yourself in a dark place where you would search those little light-beings (Embers). While saving them you will unleash many magical gears and boosters, which will increase your power.

Each level has a set of missions and tasks, which you need to complete so that you can move on to the next level. The levels include searching for Embers in forests; it may take you to the deserts, snowy areas, and even dark abyss through above and underground realms. Each level will make you closer to the preparations of having a final battle for the good!


Difficulty Level

Ember gives you the option to choose various difficulty levels. If tactical pauses are not your forte, you can always lower the difficulty level of the game to avoid the loss of efficiency. The lowest difficulty level is very easy. The normal difficulty is very balanced and comes with a basic leveling and attribute system. In order to cope with the difficult levels, you need to accomplish all the given tasks and missions.


Ember iOS Gameplay

The story revolves around the period when the earth is on the brink of destruction. The Ember’s are dying off, and the lust for their dwindling power is tearing the kingdoms apart.

Initially, the game starts with a basic mission to search the Embers, protect and save them. You would be in a land where everything is just about to be ruined, therefore, you need to explore vast areas of land and meanwhile, you would be collecting different gems and treasures which will boost up your energy and upgrade your appearance/ skills.

Along with each new area explored, you will find new and different items, such as armor and weapons; you can either collect all these items to upgrade the offered and available stuff, or you can trade-off for the crafting items as well. Those items (including gems and jewels) can also be sold to collect the gold which is used to get equipped with a number of crafting items, buying advanced stuff as well, which will help you to unleash the new zones and keeping up the energy of lightbringers up!

When you are done with collecting all the items which are necessary to have for having a battle (in order to remove the evil forces from the planet); then you will have a battle with the evil forces. You can use spells and tips and tricks to get the quick and fast help in winning the battle as well.


Graphics and Sound Effects

The in-depth crafting system is used throughout the game, from baking bread to forging magic weapons, the graphics are relatively realistic. The weather system is very dynamic and time of day system is very well induced throughout the game along with 20 handcrafted environment and shadowy dungeons to enhance the gameplay experience.

The sound effects are so nicely incorporated that they can indulge you deeply in the game play. Like, when you are passing through the deep green forests, crossing the rivers; the nature sounds are there to keep you captivated. In the same manner, you will feel yourself lost in the battlefield once the combat mode starts. So all over, the sound effects are of high quality and user captivating.


Other Special Features

Ember also gives the option of 65 combat skills to choose from, which is based on hybrid real-time combat system with a tactical pause. The players may also encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell.

Moreover, Ember provides an abundance of items to collect, use, create and sell. Treasures scattered all over the game can be found, which can also be sold to earn profits. The same can be said for armor and weapons which include warrior-tank swords, rogue-like bows and leather armors, amongst others. There are plenty of spells and skills which can be diffused with magical equipment, which adds further variety to the character.

Bottom Line

The experience of playing Ember is very positive so far. If you are a fan of classic RPG game that is more modernized and streamlined, Ember is an excellent choice to keep you entertained. It will take you back to the era which you used to be a member of the peaceful group and ready to save the world from evil forces. The magical effects and the catchy storyline keep you addicted all the time. So all in all, we can regard it as one of the most fascinated yet goal-oriented game.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.043
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 2,666.84 MB
Developer 505 Games (US), Inc.
Genre Action , Adventure , RPG

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