Fruit Ninja Classic



Fruit Ninja Classic

Fruit Ninja Classic is a game that is endlessly fun and exciting. No matter what age you are, it is seriously impossible for you not to get addicted to the game. Although it’s a simple game because all you have to do it to slice fruits and avoid bombs, you can never get bored with this one.



Fruit Ninja Classic is an easy and simple game, but you can expand your skills by exploring nuances of Classic, Zen, and the fan-favorite Arcade mode. Apart from that, you can maximize the fun by using power-ups and special bananas to help you score better.


The fun is endless when you are playing Fruit Ninja Classic. If you talk about the Blades and Dojos, they have their unique effect on gameplay. Halfbrick Studios offers several in-app purchases that take fun and thrill to a whole new level. This is a multiplayer game, so you can have hours of fun with your friends as well.


In-App Purchases

Fruit Ninja Classic offers a range of in-app purchase options. Though it is already a super fun and addictive game, you can also choose to purchase several offered features and make your experience more enjoyable. Fruit Ninja Classic offers in-app purchase options, including Starfruit Pack 1, Starfruit Pack 2, Starfruit Pack 3, Ghostbusters Blade, Power Up Pack, Chainsaw Blade, Starfruit Pack 4, Starfruit Pack 5, Ghostbusters Dojo, and Barrel of Starfruit.


 These are just a few amongst several other in-app purchases that Fruit Ninja Classic offers. These features may cost $0.99 to up to $49.99. So, there is no chance that you’ll get bored of this game because you can always add a new twist by adding a new “power” and making the game more exciting.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The amazing graphics and the quick responsiveness is the reason why Fruit Ninja Classic is one of the most successful games. The app runs smoothly and you will not feel any flaw in the graphics of the game. The game calls for seamless responsiveness, and Halfbrick Studios has delivered this with perfection. As far as the sound effects are concerned, Halfbrick Studios has not compromised on the sound effects and you will surely not be disappointed.

App's Popularity

There is no denying the widespread popularity of this app. Even though this app is actually for kids, but there is no denying the fact that Fruit Ninja Classic has fans that are not only children, but people of all ages love this game. The simplicity of this app has taken it to this level of success. The best thing about Fruit Ninja Classic is that this game is a 100% family friendly, there is no profanity or violence in this game; therefore, parents highly trust this game. As this game supports multiple players, gamers love to enjoy this game with their friends and family.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a light mood game that you can play and have hours of fun, Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja Classic is the perfect game for you. With Fruit Ninja Classic you can have hours and hours of fun. You can invest on in-app purchases that will improve the overall experience for you. With top-notch graphics and sound effects, this game will surely impress you to a level that you will also highly recommend this game to others. So, overall Fruit Ninja Classic is worth all the hype, and I would also highly recommend this game to you if you are looking for a fun, exciting, yet simple game.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.4.1
Version Requires iOS 7.0 or later
Size 103.72 MB
Developer Halfbrick Studios
Genre Arcade

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