Gangstar: New Orleans


If you’re a fan of GTA, Gameloft’s series of Gangstar games might fancy you more than it should. Playing on the same formula of the open world game and working your way up the crime syndicate, Gangstar: New Orleans takes on the mantle from its predecessor Gangstar: Vegas.

The plot is almost identical to the previous iteration. There’s a vacuum in the power-hungry New Orleans, and you have the chance to build up a crew and become the head of your own gang!

While Vegas didn’t exactly manage to create the same kind of gameplay that Grand Theft Auto is famous for, it did have its drawbacks, and New Orleans, while not much different, does manage to build on its flaws and give you a better outcome. However, it’s not to say that this version does not have its fair share of sins, because there are, but finding a balance between its pros and cons won’t be that hard to find.

Game Play

The most prominent attraction of games like GTA and Gangstar is the open world style of play. You can pretty do whatever you like in your neighborhood; from driving around to running and jogging, and carry on acts of crime like shooting someone after smashing them hard on concrete. Perhaps it’s treating these violent acts of crime so petty is what makes Gangstar not a suitable game for kids, but you watch out for all the violence as well.

Apart from the warning, the game is fun if you go along the narrative and play out all the missions to dominate the city. However, you’d have to jump from places to places to start your mission. This is unlike what happens in GTA where you’d have to drive to a location to start a mission. That gave the game a sense of reality and purpose.

With the map-hopping in Gangstar: New Orleans, you feel like a ghost. You jump from one mission to another without having to drive around for it, which kind of makes the game feel a little disconcerted.

You also go around murdering people here and there. And there’s also a zombie mission which spawns weird alien-looking zombies in the middle of the city, and as soon as you wipe them by shooting them away, the city comes back to life. So you’re also kind of a hero in some ways.

Slick Action and Challenges

Whether you’re driving around or smashing people on the road, this game needs credit where it’s due: the game is pretty slick and manages to capture all the action fluidly, and it’s fun all over.

Vehicles, for example, are a prime example of how Gameloft manages to turn something that many developers ignore, and made it fun to drive around and randomly crashing into whatever fancies.

However, as far as challenges are concerned, none of them last much longer. Most of the challenges can be completed in a short shoot-out, and there won’t be much tactic or wit involved in dealing with them and your enemies.

There’s police chase, there’s enemy chase, there are the rival gang chase and murder spree, and there’s a lot to be had from this game if you’re not too concerned about violence and not a very well thought-out gameplay.



So while Gangstar: New Orleans isn’t exactly the complete package, it manages to be entertaining, and that’s the basic requirement of any game you play. It’s free to play, best of all, but you can make many in-app purchases to help you advance through the game. So pick this game from the App Store, and get going with your GTA-fix for free!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.5.1
Version iOS 8.0 or later
Size 1,128.09 MB
Developer Gameloft
Genre Adventure

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