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Games that are light enough to not put too many stress are always enjoyed when being bored. Geometry Dash gives you that very need to overcome your boredom with some light music being played in the background. Jump and avoid hitting the obstacles placed in the path of yours to score your way out the hurdles.  It won’t seem that hard at first but once you are playing the game you might say it’s impossible though it really ain’t that impossible.

Geometry Dash is an entertaining, challenging and would make you addicted to it.  The game is easy to play with much easier gameplay. The game gets tougher and tougher as you move further into the game it gets a bit more insane level by level.  The game might get frustrating if you are not impatient.  Timing is very crucial the game time your jumps and you may reach the end of a level.



Geometry Dash offers some great features to its players that set it apart from other games and we are going to discuss its characters, levels, difficulty level, graphics and sound effects, gameplay as well as some other special features in detail.


The character in geometry dash is just a cube with eyes and mouth. However, this does not mean the game is dull and boring as geometry dash lets you customize the cube into exciting shapes as you play through levels and unlock different items.



Geometry Dash officially features 20 levels and out of them, 17 levels can be played from the start of the game. The levels are highly attractive and engaging and reflect creativity at its best. Three levels are the secret levels that can be unlocked by collecting coins in each official level. This isn’t it, besides these 20 official levels, players can also customize infinite of levels by using objects such as rings, jump pads, blocks, spikes, and portals.  While customizing, players can also place coins in the levels.


Difficulty Level

All levels in Geometry Dash are categorized by its difficulty either it an official level or a customized level. The difficulty levels are as follows:

  • Auto – These levels does not require you to do much and are given 1 star.
  • Easy – Levels with this difficulty are rated 2 stars. Generally, these levels are quite decorated and have artistic themes. These are very easy to complete.
  • Normal – Rated with 3 stars and not so difficult to beat.
  • Hard – These level are usually rated with 4 to 5 stars and may require you to play in practice mode before you could actually beat it. These levels can also polish certain skills like the fast wave and ship flying.
  • Harder – These rated 6 to 7 stars and players can find these in the featured section.
  • Insane – These levels are very difficult and may require more than 150 attempts before you actually beat it.
  • Easy demons – It is a bit harder than insane levels and has been rated with 10 stars. It may require more than 200 attempts.
  • Medium demon – Harder than easy demons and players may die at 98% several times.
  • Hard demons – Much harder than medium demons.
  • Insane demons – After playing these level you may wonder who created these.
  • Hell demons – If I have to review honestly, then these levels are insanely hard to beat. May require 10000 to 17000 attempts

Extreme demons – This is the hardest demon difficulty available and you may experience anxiety while attempting to beat levels with this difficulty.


Geometry Dash iOS Gameplay

Gameplay is just very simple tap to jump, or tap and holds to jump repeatedly to cross hurdles placed in the path. Though this sounds much easy but it really is tougher than what it sounds. Just when you come in contact with an obstacle, or any object that concludes in an instant death. Once you fail you start from the very beginning of the level. There is a plus point of clearing any of the levels for the very first try and that is unlocking of a new character icon.

Graphics & Sound Effects

The graphics are great and along with some monumental music being played in the background, the game is no doubt extremely excited and lively. Without the music the game may seem flat but when you play it with music, you may experience great emotions.


Other Special Features

The game is great and the feature that truly makes it special is its never-ending genre because of all the customization options for levels as well as for the character. The game is extremely addictive and it is a hit for me and you may also find it perfect to play too.

Bottom Line

A game that is meant to be an impossible one and the satisfaction of having gone until the end of that game is always part of an acquired taste for gamers. Geometry Dash doesn’t let you find it easy at any point, though the result can be addicting to the game.

The inner world provides a colorful screen display with a number of rhythmic challenging levels. Survive the obstacles spread between your path dodge objects coming your way and you would succeed.

Geometry Dash just makes you addicted to the game and you would yourself being glued to the iOS screens until you bring an end to the journey of the entire game.


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 2.11
Version iOS 8 or later
Size 92.48 MB
Developer RobTop Games AB
Genre Arcade , Puzzle

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