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Goat Simulator PAYDAY is like a gift from Coffee Stain Studios AB to the Goat Simulator fans. So, it is completely impossible that if you are a Goat Stimulator fan and you do not try the Goat Simulator PAYDAY. This version of the Goat Simulator PAYDAY is perfect for gamers who love Goat Simulator and games like the all-popular FPS PAYDAY. Yes, Gamers! This version of Goat Simulator is inspired by FPS PAYDAY; therefore, this version includes 4 more characters that take the Goat Simulator to a whole new level of madness and excitement.

So, now you can expect four times more fun and thrill as before. Being a Goal Simulator fan myself, I also gave this version of Goal Simulator a try. I must say that Coffee Stain Studios AB has done a splendid job; from the concept to the features, from the characters to the story building – Goat Simulator takes you to another world and you end up spending half of your day playing this amazing game that is not only thrilling, but it also has a touch of humor that makes this game worth every penny.


You must be excited about knowing the new characters that are a part of the Goat Simulator PAYDAY. Then you a not wrong because Coffee Stain Studios AB has taken thug life to a whole new level by introducing 4 new characters, including A flying flamingo, a wheel chairing dolphin, a spitting camel and a goat that is a full-on thug gangster. Each character has a personality of its own and has powers that can successfully accomplish any task given to them. One can fly and control people’s brains, another can climb any surface with a wheelchair, a third can spit water that it stores in its back, and the fourth ‘the Goat’ takes thug life to a whole new level, as it can successfully accomplish any takes like a boss.



The players of the Goat Simulator PAYDAY can enjoy 14 new mutators. Each mutator will take you on a journey full of adventures and thrill. You can also purchase different masks that will not only make your character look super cool, but will also help you disguise so that the police would be unable to arrest you and you could easily complete the different tasks that are assigned by the PRANKNET. The PRANKNET is a database file that is filled with different “job” for your crew.

Difficulty Level

According to several other gamers’ reviews, the game difficulty level is mild. Some people have also commented that this game is too short and it lacks complexity. The gamers have suggested Coffee Stain Studios AB should introduce more levels and more pranks/jobs for the characters to accomplish. I somehow agree with the gamers, even though the game is epic and thrilling enough already, but I would also say that it does lack a bit of more complexity. However, I would also like to add that as this game is a total pleasure to play and once you start playing it, you will have a hard time stopping yourself playing it, so this may be one of the reasons why gamers are finding this amazing game a bit short. Goat Simulator PAYDAY is such a pleasure to play that you would never want this epic game to end.

Goat Simulator PAYDAY iOS Game Play

The game is quite simple, you will have 4 characters to choose from, including the Flamingo, the Dolphin, the Camel and the Reinforcer. You have to find different BAAA machines and select the different task and pranks from the BAAA machines. After each task is successfully completed, you would be rewarded with cool things, including points/money and cool gadgets that would not only help you in completing the next tasks more efficiently, but you can have a lot of fun with those gadgets. You can also purchase different masks that can help you disguise from the police so that you do not get arrested. You can also steal cars and drive them around the city just for the sake of thrill or for finding different BAA machines. Goat Simulator PAYDAY is perfect if you love action-packed games but also appreciate the humor.


Graphics and Sound Effects

Though according to some reviews on the iTunes the graphics of the Goat Simulator PAYDAY could be improved, according to me for $4.99 you should not expect more than this. Though the sound effects are pretty good; therefore, Goat Simulator PAYDAY is a lot of fun to play and one can easily enjoy hours of fun and craziness.

Bottom Line

The concept is totally bizarre, but it is one of the best games that you would ever play because not only is it action-packed, but it is also full of humor. You will never get bored of playing this game. All the four characters the Flamingo, the Dolphin, the Camel and the Reinforcer are absolutely amazing, each character has its own superpowers, so I assure you that you will have a very thrilling time while playing this game and you will keep asking for more. The 14 mutators different, the different cool gadgets, different masks and best of all a chance to drive different cars – makes this game worth every penny that you pay. For $4.99 you will get the funniest and thrilling game that you would have ever played.

Would I recommend the Goat Simulator PAYDAY to you? Running away from the police, disguising your character with different cool masks, completing different exciting tasks, using amazing gadgets and driving cool cars – the fun never ends; therefore, I would highly recommend this game to you if you love games with action + humor + thrill. Though other versions of the Goat Simulator are also amazing, but the Goat Simulator PAYDAY is a must-try! This bizarre game will take you on an epic journey. Enjoy!


Compatible Devices iOS Universal
Version Off App 1.0.4
Version iOS 7 or later
Size 405.68 MB
Developer Coffee Stain Studios AB
Genre Action , Puzzle

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